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Money Box Game – Free $1000 Gift [Banggood 11.11 Promotion]

Best guide to win FREE wireless headphone! recently launched...More

Money Box Game - Free $1000 Gift [Banggood 11.11 Promotion]

Best guide to win FREE wireless headphone! recently launched an activity to win wireless headphones by playing games. However, there is a quantity limit of the prizes, or they will lose money. Nevertheless, as long as you participate in the game and get enough in-game rewards, you will have a lot of chances to win a wireless headset. How to get more in-game rewards? Now I will give you some tips to get more rewards and win the headphone.

How to Play

Step 1 Printing BG-Cash

  1. Participate in the game you will get a cash printer.
  2. The cash printer can print BG-Cash continuously, it can print one sheet per second. Once the printing capacity is reached, it will stop printing. At this time BG-Cash should be deposited to the game account so that the cash printer can print BG-Cash again.
  3. When a certain number of BG-Cash is printed, the cash printer will be upgraded and its printing capacity will be increased.

Step 2 Completing Tasks to Get More BG-Cash

  1. Click ‘Cash Task’ button to enter into the task module. Completing tasks to get more BG-Cash
  2. There are some daily tasks listed: check in daily, invite friends to participate in the game, browse activity page for 20s, browse products, place an order. Complete these daily tasks you can get extra BG-Cash.

Step 3 Using BG-Cash to Exchange Free Items

  1. The goods and coupons on the exchange center can be exchanged for free with BG-Cash.
  2. Once you redeem free product successful, you will receive an email. After filling in the address, please wait patiently to receive your item.

4. The free gifts in the game are issued regularly and will be replaced every 3 days. Therefore, if you want to redeem for free gift, you can check the time when the gifts are issued in advance and redeem them as soon as possible during the draw time, which will greatly improve you probability of successful redemption!

5. As far as I know, more than one product will be released as prize in the event, and there will be many large coupons as prize. Therefore, if you are unlucky to get enough BG Cash to redeem headphone, you can also redeem for other exquisite prizes, or save your BG Cash for other rewards in the next session! Finally, hope everyone can get gifts Less

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