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Xiaomi Mijia Universal Remote Controller Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Through the linkage with “Xiaoai tongxue”, support voice control home appliances, can switch on and off home appliances, start the life scene, such as “turn down the volume of TV” “turn on the air conditioning heating mode”, let the traditional home appliances also become intelligent.

Mijia universal remote control can be through the mobile phone “Mi Home APP”, remote control or voice control to turn on/off appliances. Turn on the air conditioner or water heater before you get home in the hot summer or cold winter. After you get home, you can enjoy warmth and comfort.

Mijia universal remote control Voice-activated appliances, smart and convenient Support and “Little Love Classmate” interconnection / remote APP control / timing switch / 360° omnidirectional control coverage 6000 + mainstream appliances / infrared enhanced projection material

This product can be used with Xiaomi A speaker and Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker mini, through the voice control of “Little Love Classmate”.

360° omnidirectional control With 360 omnidirectional infrared emission Angle, the remote control is located, in the same space without shielding the surrounding appliances.

Distance control within 10 meters The infrared appliances within the linear distance of 10 meters and 10 meters can be effectively controlled.

Special material Black infrared projection material can effectively reduce diffuse reflection and improve infrared penetration. Less