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1MORE EVO TWS bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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59% off 1 MORE EVO TWS bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds Acitive Noise Reduction Voice Control+Touch Control HiFi Stereo Earphone Headphones with Mic Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Semi In-Ear
  • 14.2mm diaphragm
  • ENC
  • AAC
  • 12h

Bluetooth 5.0
Optimized chip ensures faster and wider connection, more stable connection and higher anti-interference.

AAC Compatible | Personal Hi-Fi
Advanced AAC transmission technology provides high-quality wireless audio sound at similar bitrates compared to the normal SBC codecs with less storage and higher decoding rate.

ENC Dual Microphone Technology
Filter out ambient noise around you to hear crystal clear sound.

Large 14.2mm Diaphragm More bang for your buck
A 14.2mm diaphragm brings a more natural and full sound with strong bass

Compared to the average 6mm dia- phragms, this increases size by 500%. Covers the entire frequency range you can hear (20-20,000 Hz).

Semi In-Ear Design
More Fit & Comfortable A half in-ear structure with an ergonomic design protects your ear canals and provides a customizable fit to your ears.

The earbuds can automatically connect to your device as soon as taken out of the charging case after the initial pairing sequence.

12 Hours Battery Life

  • 8 Movies
  • 180 Music
  • 12 Hours

Note:The result is tested under the condition of full charge.

Easy Access and Operation

Play/Pause the music: Double click
Previous track: Press and hold Left Button 2s
Nest track: Press and hold Right Button 2s

Answer/End the call: Double click

Activate voice Assistant: Double click

* Please refer to user guider for more details.

Multiple Pairing Modes
One or Both is ready for immersive listening,

  • Single Mode
  • Dual Mode
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Coverless design for convenient use
  • Strong magnets inside the case for secure


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