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360 S5 Robot Vacuum Specs

Smart Eyes to See the Path One Set, Remember Clean Area LDS Lidar navigation scans the room at 6 x 360°/s for distance, SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map and save it

  • 6 x 360°/s scan
  • 2160 times/s measurement
  • Max measurement range 8m
  • Measurement error < 2%

Clever Brain to Plan the Route

No Need to Reset Suction Auto-identify and Power Change

1s Make a Cleaning Plan – APP Control with Multiple Cleaning Modes

Automatic Recharge Finish Entire House Cleaning Under 20% battery – Recharge Fully charged – Continue the unfinished cleaning task

  • 2600mAh Li-ion Battery
  • 3hrs Charging
  • 110min Cleaning Time for 150m

Multiple Sensors Protect Furniture and Myself

  • 2.0cm Obstacle Climbing Radar sensors, 25-degree cross-over ability to prevent getting stuck in narrow spaces
  • 10mm Anti-collision Bumper Clean along the edge of objects to avoid furniture damages and bumping
  • 5-9cm Anti-drop Detection 4 anti-drop sensors and crash sensor, prevent from falling down stairs or tumbling over drop-offs
  • Pioneer Anti-stuck Sensor 10cm slim body is easy to reach hard corners under your bed

2000Pa Run Like the Whirlwind

  • NIDEC Brushless Motor
  • Main Hover Brush
  • Side Dynamic Brush
  • HEPA Filter

65dB Lower Noise Give You A Quiet Sleep Advanced dual noise reduction

Quiet 800Pa Quiet and almost 0-200B hear nothing at home

Automatic 1300-1500Pa Working like 20-400B whispers

Max 2000Pa <65dB Not disturb your indoor TV time, I reading or chatting Less

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