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29% off 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner with SLAM Route Planning 2000Pa Suction Mopping Off-limit Setting – White Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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  • Off-limit Area
  • Setting Remind
  • 2000Pa Powerful Suction
  • Sweeping and Mopping
  • Smart Identify Room
  • Self-adjusted Main Brush
  • Auto Switch to Mopping Mode
  • Anti-collision Sensor
  • Carpet Suction Increasing
  • Set Mopping Off-limit Area
  • Powerful Obstacle Climbing
  • Max. 180m2 Cleaning Area
  • 4 Anti-drop Sensors

Smart Like A Person, Just Set & Forget

  • See LDS Lidar + anti-collision sensors, draws accurate maps, go around the furniture go through the curtain.
  • Plan SLAM algorithm plans cleaning routes to ensure high coverage and high efficiency
  • Decide Identifies areas it should keep away from and reminds the user to set off-limit areas.
  • Remember Automatically continues on with remaining task after recharging

Automatically Switch Sweeping & Mopping

  • Install the tank Auto switches to mopping mode
  • Remove the tank Auto switches to sweeping mode

Smarter & Better Mopping Function

  • Mopping off-limit: Now you can set mopping off-limit area on App, NO wet carpet.
  • 150ml tank: Water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad, NO repeatedly pad wash.
  • Smart stop: Auto stops the water when the vacuum cleaner stops moving, NO water stains.

Climb Over Small Obstacles, Avoiding Big Ones

  • 4 anti-drop sensors on the bottom to detect the vacuum cleaner is off the ground, identify steps and other big obstacles.
  • Special high-throughput design, easy to cross obstacles below 2cm, will not be intercepted by books or toys on the floor.
  • Cleaning Floors Has Never Been So Easy

Powerful But Quiet, Max Noise 65dB Use NIDEC brushless motor and streamlined duct, better air flow without suction loss, reduce the outlet noise. According to the different noise characteristics of each gear, a more suitable muffling material is selected to optimize the noise reduction technology.

  • 800Pa Quiet
  • 1300Pa Automatic
  • 2000Pa Max

Fits the Floor, Identifies Carpets The self-adjusted main brush allows the vacuum to handle uneven surfaces with more flexibly. When entering carpet areas, the vacuum automatically switches to max mode with 2000Pa suction power for deep cleaning. Less

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