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  • 5200mAh Large Battery
  • 2200Pa Superior Suction Power
  • 200ml Intelligent Water Tank
  • Rf Omnidirectional Control
  • Dual Noise Reduction Duct
  • Ultrasonic Anti-collision

5200mAh Large Battery, Long Working Time The battery is upgraded to 5200mAh, and lasts for 3 hours. It can clean 300 square meters at one time.

  • 3h Cleaning Time
  • 300m2 / 3230 ft2 Cleaning Area

2200Pa Superior Suction, 20% Increase in Cleaning Effectiveness 360 S6 Pro has a strong suction power of 2200Pa, the cleaning efficiency has increased by 20%. The NIDEC brushless motor has four adjustable gears, non-destructive pressure in the streamlined air duct, floating main brush, close to the floor, no need to worry about gap particles.

Intelligent 200ml Water Tank, Long Wet Mopping Time The large water tank allows for up to 100 minutes of mopping, water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad, and stops when the cleaning stops, leaving no water stains on your floor.

  • 200ml/6.8 FL OZ
  • 3-level Water Adjustable
  • 100 min Wet Mopping Time

RF Omnidirectional + APP Remote Control, Double Intelligent Control

The APP can be started remotely and scheduled, you can view the cleaning track in real time, and you can also remotely move by mobile phone. In addition to the APP remote control, it is upgraded to dual intelligent control, adding RF omnidirectional remote control, just like to experience the remote control car, the whole family can easily use.

  • Remote control
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Cleaning mode selection
  • OTA upgrade

Dual Noise Reduction Duct, Noise As Low As 53 dB

The streamlined design reduces noise caused by air moving through the duct, supplemented by acoustical absorption materials, which help reduce the frequency and amplitude of air, result in powerful yet quiet cleaning performance.

Ultrasonic Anti-collision, Superior Disentangling Ability

Ultrasonic anti-collision sensor, intelligently decelerates when encountering furniture or walls, protects the furniture while protecting the sweeper. With radar four-way anti-jamming and wire anti-winding, the S6 Pro is 60% more likely to get out of the trouble.

360 Autopilot Technology 5.0, Intelligent Cleaning LDS lidar + ultrasonic fusion navigation + SLAM algorithm, can quickly scan and build the whole room map, intelligently plan the cleaning route, and with 24 sets of sensors, which can easily cope with the complex environment in the home.

Three Cleaning Modes to Meet Your Different Cleaning Needs

  • Sweeping & mopping mode
  • Sweeping only mode
  • Mopping only mode

360° Cleaning System 6.0 5 steps powerful cleaning process: sweeping, rolling, suction, filtering and mopping.

Map Management System 6.0, Highly Improve Your Experience

Multi-floor Map Management, Create and Save Maps for Each Floor Each floor is created separately, which one can be used at any time. Duplex and villa families do not need to rebuild the map when changing floors.