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4DRC F11 PRO Best Price DEALS

F11 PRO GPS Cutting-edge

T 4K movie quality
Brushless 8-level
wind resistance

More stable and stronger
Breaking the boundaries of flying cutting-edge Combine speed, power and clarity F11 Pro, reconstruction of flight imagination Take you to the scene

From the “new” students
The new streamlined body design demonstrates its rebirth,Steady and yet stylish, just a glimpse,The king’s aura is full.

  • Brushless wind resistance
  • Cinematic

Powerful “creative performance”
The new generation of F11 has more advanced flight hardware,Brings new possibilities for our aerial entertainment,Set high-definition shooting and stronger flight performance.

  • Anti-shake ESC PTZ remote control
  • 4K dual camera Free switch
  • GPS global positioning Multi-function return home
  • 5G HD image transmission 3000 meters flight
  • GPS/Optical Flow Hover Stable as Mount Tai
  • 30 minutes long battery life Enjoy flying
  • Strong wind resistance level 8 Brushless power
  • Automatic smart follow Lazy follower
  • Surround shooting Make a great blockbuster
  • Micro film production Share now
  • Highlight night light Free night
  • Waypoint flight Fly wherever you want

“Blockbuster”opens immediately
Fly over mountains and seas, soar in the sky,shuttle through the jungle, We have never stopped looking forward to flying.

Image prowess Creativity freely
4K HD movie camera pixels, yes 4 times the resolution of 1080P HD pixels Better, the film is more shocking.

  • 90° Remote ESC camera
  • 120° Wide-angle lens

High-definition pixels, easy to see the details in the distance

Brushless power Support sea flight
The whole machine is equipped with 4 high-efficiency energy-saving brushless Motor, more than ordinary motors in the past Stronger, more powerful output.

  • 8level Strong wind resistance

GPS safe return Thoughtful
Have more accurate GPS positioning, Always protect your aerial flight safety, No matter how far you fly, you can go home.

  • Low battery return
  • Return over distance
  • Return home with one key

Dual positioning Very stable and easy to fly
With dual flight positioning blessing, let you Whether indoors or outdoors, you can Maintain a stable hover shooting.

5G HD image transmission carefree! Refuse to freeze!
Mature and stable 5G image transmission technology, high-definition There is no delay in transmission, and you can watch the aerial photography freely at all times The picture is more smooth and refreshing.

  • 3 Kilometer Flying distance
  • 2Kilometer Image transmission distance

30 minutes battery life Enough for you to enjoy flying
Modular body battery, more user-friendly design, Allows you to install and take easily, large-capacity battery
Allow battery life up to 30 minutes.

  1. Smart follow Take a good helper Turn on the follow function, you can Follow the controller automatically, open Set up aerial photography to achieve follow-up photography,
  2. Flying around Take a big shot Set your favorite target as a hot spot, Self-centered ring Fly around and shoot a blockbuster.
  3. Waypoint flight Fun and more interesting Draw what you want on the map Flight waypoint, immediately press on Fly on the drawn waypoint.
  4. MV production Online editing Photos and videos can be directly Real-time production on the app, And share it with friends.