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ABIR G20S Best Price DEALS

2021 Latest Arrival Robot Vacuum Cleaner ABIR G20S

  • Smart Mapping
  • 6000Pa Suction
  • Wet Mopping & Disinfection

Ultra High Performance Reasonable restruction and high-end materials are the foundation of our robot vacuum cleaner’s stable quality. ABIR only use imported Nidec Motor, imported Chip, imported Battery Cells, etc.

30 Flagship Features
Competitive and Upgrade Robot Vacuum Cleaner

High Intelligence

  • Real-time Mapping
  • 2D Map Navigation
  • App Control
  • Intelligent Partition
  • Whole House Plan
  • Smart Memory
  • 4-core Imported Chip
  • Japan NIDEC Motor
  • Remote Upgrade(OTA)
  • Voice Prompt
  • Equipment Sharing
  • Supoort Alexa& Google Home

Extraordinary Cleaning Ability

  • 6000PA Suction Power
  • 650ML Water Tank +Dustin 2 in 1
  • Sweep&Vaccum& Mop 3 in 1
  • Extended Bilateral Brush
  • V Type Rolling Brush
  • Upgrade Triple Filtration
  • Air Duct Optimization
  • Wet Mopping Sterilization 99.9%
  • 3 Levels Water Adjustment
  • Suction Power Adjustable
  • 2cm Climbing Ability
  • 38 Sets of Sensor
  • Make-up Cleaning
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • Border Cleaning
  • Fixed Pointed Cleaning
  • Regular Cleaning Path
  • 7.6cm Slim Body

9 Items of Core Technology

  1. 2D Map Navigation Accurate positioning
  2. WIFI APP Control Control robot at anywhere anytime
  3. Multiple Cleaning Modes Customized your cleaning plan
  4. Brushless Motor Imported from japan
  5. Intelligent Chip Imported From japan
  6. Voice Control Support Alexa& Google Home
  7. Integrated Dustbin&Water Tank Vacuuming, Sweeping, Wet Mopping at the same time
  8. Equipment Sharing Share requirement to your family members
  9. Remote Upgrade Upgrade the robot with latest technology

2D Map Navigation Build The Maps in Real time The robot will do map navigation for the whole house then accurately position. It will collect datas to SLAM system, then divide the rooms into several areas, then clean all areas one by one. It even remembers the areas it has and hasn’t cleaned

Map Position G20S comes with simultaneous localization and Quartic RSCI Processor Core combine with map, navigation, sensors and hardware accelerator to achieve more accurate positioning and map construction.

Human Intelligence Clean with Memory
G20S will conduct cleaning work with memory like human being.

Whole House Plan & Intelligent Partition
ABIR G20S robot vacuum cleaner will calculate the size of room automatically, then clean room by room.

WIFI App Control
Control your robot at anytime anywhere.

  • Distance Control
  • Map Display
  • Cleaning Modes
  • Cleaning Status
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • Suction Power Adjustable
  • Water Control Adjustable
  • Voice On/OFF

APP Visual Map
Just finger’s click to customized your cleaning plan
Various Cleaning Modes: standby mode, zigzag cleaning mode, fixed point cleaning mode, border cleaning mode, recharging mode You can also adjust suction power and water speed by APP, turn on/off voice of robot at any time.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be remotely upgraded in both its firmware and software, so it only gets smarter

650ML 2 in 1 Tank
350ml Dustbin Capacity + 300ml Water Tank Capacity

G20S can do vacuuming, sweeping, wet mopping at the same time. Triple-functional cleaning, clean your house deeply

  • 6000pa Suction Power
  • Large Dustbin
  • Even Permeation
  • Smart Control

Upgrade Triple Filtration in Dustbin The dustbin and the water tank are integrated. It has big capacity and possesses triple filtration function with the primary filter, sponge filter and HEPA filter

6000PA Hurricane Suction with Low Noise Special Fan assembly with strong suction and low noise, floating central brush and dynamic side brushes help deep cleaning.

Deal With All Kinds Of Garbage 3 Levels Suction Power

Using 7-fold noise reduction combination strategy, G20S is much quieter than other brands when in max mode

Big Water Tank with Smart Control 3 levels water speed( slow, normal, quick) You can adjust suction power and water speed at the same time.

  • Even permeation
  • 300ml Water Tank
  • Smart Control

99.9% Sterilization in Wet Mopping There are a large number of bacteria and microorganisms on the ground. Putting disinfectant in the water tank for wet mopping, the sterilization rate can reach 99.9%. Take care of family health.

Special Mopping Plate It will keep the pressure of cloth on the ground and drag away the stubborn stains

Multiple Cleaning Modes The robot has smart memory and it knows where has been cleaned and where has not, so it will not repeat cleaning in the same area. You can customized cleaning plan according to your needs.

  • Zigzag Cleaning Cleaning efficiency is greatly improved
  • Auto Cleaning Intelligent partition cleaning cover the whole house
  • Border Cleaning Along the wall and clean the corner as well
  • Fixed Point Cleaning Focus on disaster area
  • Schedule Cleaning Mode Schedule at any time you want
  • Make-up Cleaning Make-up the missing area thoroughly

Make Up the Missing Part ABIR G20S remember where it has cleaned and where has not. it can make up the missing area and along the wall to achieve a thorough cleaning of the whole house

Anti-collision The infrared sensors will detect the barriers in front and avoid collision in time to protect your furniture.

Anti-fall The ground sensors will detect the stairs with height above 8 cm then the robot vacuum will adjust its direction to avoid falling downstairs.

Climb the Threshold Easily The resilient wheels makes the robot climb across the threshold less than 1.5cm in height.

Twining-proof The robot can free itself if the side brush got wrapped.

Auto Recharging After full charge, ABIR G20 can work for 120 mins under standard mode. It will return to the original point after finish cleaning at enough power. When start from charging baes, the robot will back to charging base when finish cleaning.

Super Wide Off-road Wheels Manage a smooth ride on uneven floor or carpets

3 in 1 V Shape Floating Roller Brush Targeted deal with a variety of dust and debris. it works as well on thin carpets as it does on hard floors.

2600mAh Li-ion Battery The 2600mAh Li-ion Battery enables the robot to clean a large household.

  • Long Life
  • High Energy density
  • Suit for 180 m
  • 120mins Working Time

Super Thin Body 7.6cm slim body, it can easily go under furniture bottom to clean the untouchable areas.

Lower Noise Not Affecting Your Life and Health The technique of noise refusing makes the working noise as low as whispering

Main Body and Accessories (ABIR G20S )

  • Main Unit
  • Water Tank-Dustbin Tank 2 in 1
  • Mopping Plate
  • Mop
  • Floating Brush
  • HEPA Filter
  • Remote Control
  • Side Brush
  • Charging Station
  • Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush