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Xiaomi AKKU AK701 Brushless Two-speed Li-ion Electric Drill Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Explore The Joy of life

AKKU Brushless Dual
Speed Multifunctional Lithium Drill

  • Small size
  • Migh torque
  • Long lasting life
  • Minimal design

Good Life Assistant Gadget brings parent-child joy

  • My homework is decorative painting at home
  • Housewife’s kitchen helper
  • Designed for home use

More Usage Scenarios

  • Metal drilling
  • Coconut green opening
  • Item disassembly

Meeting Family Needs 8 Chrome Vanadium Steel Bit, Additional Extension Rod, Refuse to Slide Teeth

High hardness, high toughness, precision bite, with 50mm magnetic extension rod, various batch heads can be quickly switched, which basically meets various use scenarios in the family

  • Hardware
  • Furniture
  • Racks
  • Appliances

Solve Common Problems at Home 10NM Torque for Easy Operation

Not only can tighten the screws, but also can punch, holes in common wooden boards and plaster walls

  • Home Assembly
  • Plaster Holes
  • Metal Drilling
  • Tile Drilling
  • Wood Drilling
  • Electrical Dismantling

Provide Strong Power Brushless Motor The use of brushless motors is an innovation and breakthrough in home tool technology, bringing great convenience to life

  • Stable output
  • Long life
  • Low noise
  • Maintenance-free

Precision Control of Machine Operation
Professional Brushless Controller, Discharge Protection 6 imported low Rdson mos, each wire energy of the squeeze motor, 1 MHz boost circuit with pre-driver IC, perfect use of imported MOSpotential, independent low-voltage rail-to-rail operational amplifier, to build accurate closed-loop feedback signals

Precision Two-speed Gearbox The combination of imported reinforced nylon and powder metallurgy gears, with high-precision bearings Low noise, less wear, strong durability, high coaxiality, precise operation

High Speed and Low Speed, Switch at Will Side type high and low speed gear adjustment lever, low speed gear with high torque, low speed, can be screwed, high speed gear speed up to 850RPM, easily respond to various home drilling needs

Easily Switch Between Forward and Reverse Innovative Electronic Switch

Introduced the design of the physical touch button on the side of the smartphone, 200,000 key life, light steering, crisp rebound The green light is forward and the screw can be drilled; the red light is reverse and the screw can be retracted

Dealing with Various Operating Environments LED Lights When working in a low-light scene, press the switch lightly, and the front LED light illuminates the work area, helping you to cope with it and accurately locate it

Leading-edge Configuration, Surging Power Single High-capacity Lithium Battery

21700 lithium battery, 40% longer battery life than traditional 18650 battery, up to 30A continuous discharge capacity

Minimal User-friendly Design Compact and easy to hold 8-inch Xiaomi tablet-sized, easy for women to use

Type-C Charging Port Support front and back blind plug, universally used in any home charger, can be charged at any time

Environmental protection material at ease to use
The whole machine USES the green environmental protection material of the European Union standard, through the RoHs standard for heavy metal detection, and the detection of harmful chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Type-C charging port
Support front and back blind plug in, universal for any home charger,charge at any time, long endurance

Ergonomic design Compact & easy to hold & storage
The machine weighs only 0.5KG and is the size of an 8-inch.Xiaomi flat, which can be easily used by women

AKKU Brushless Two-speed Multi-function Lithium Electric Drill

  • Small body
  • Large torque
  • Lasting endurance
  • Minimalist design

Household tools entered a new aesthetic stage, AKKU brushless two-speed multi-function lithium electric drill can not only drill hole & twist the screw, but also develop funny functions with the appropriate extensive components. Simple integrated design, easy to use and good-looking.

Brushless motor provides strong power
The use of brushless motor in the household tools, fully reflects the strict technical requirements of the product. It is the innovation and breakthrough of household tools technology

  • Stable output
  • Long life
  • Low noise
  • Free maintenance

Small body with huge strength Solve common problems at home 10NM torque brings strength beyond the body, which can not only pulling/ twisting screws but also punch holes in common plank and plaster walls, basically covering common maintenance and installation requirements

  • Household assembly
  • Gypsum opening hole
  • Metal drilling hole
  • Ceramic tile drilling hole
  • Electrical equipment maintenance
  • Wood drilling hole

A little kitchen helper of housewife

  • Pepper grinding
  • Opening wine bottles
  • Opening coconuts
  • Making dough

Designed for home use Easy to disassemble/drill hole

Professional brushless controller With discharge protection function, precise control machine’s operation Six imported low Rdson MOS are composed of A three-phase totem column type high power push-pull output structure, squeeze every energy of motor. A 1MHz boost circuit works with a pre drive IC with a maximum 1.2A drive capability at single time, which gives full play to the potential of imported MOS, independent low-voltage rail-to-rail operational amplifier, and builds accurate closed-loop feedback signal.

AKKU Aladdin battery pack Future series of products can be used In the subsequent product development, the battery pack of this model is used as energy to cooperate with different living tools, so as to expand the range of use and refuse to be idle.

  • Small fan
  • Work light
  • Glue gun
  • Blender


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