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18% off Alfawise C30 2500mw Large Area Frame Laser Engraving...More

18% off Alfawise C30 2500mw Large Area Frame Laser Engraving Machine- Silver EU Standard Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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1.5 Times Bigger, 450 x 400mm Engraving Area The engraving area of Alfawise C30 (450 x 400mm) is 1.5 times bigger than other brands (300 x 400mm), you can engrave more patterns and images with different sizes.

0.01mm High Accuracy, Ul- tra-clear Images Carved Even Over Big Area Worried about the image blur in big area? The accuracy of Alfawise C30 up to 0.01mm, which makes the image quality precise enough even if in a big engraving area. The pixel fineness can be sparse and dense, you can adjust image size and pixel fineness through software.

2500mw High Power Laser, Carve Deeper While Bigger 2500mw high-power laser will carve out deeper tracks and patterns than low-power laser in bigger area, which will not blur and fade easily.

Replaceable Laser Module, Different Laser Power with One Main Body You can replace the laser module to get different laser power, meet your needs of a variety of carving depths with one machine.

Aluminum Profile Body + Pollution-free Components, Stable Structure High intensity aluminum profile machine body, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, structure is stable when working on large area. Pollution-free and brand new motherboard components that is eco-friendly and durable

Open Source Motherboard, Strong Compatibility Open source motherboard, separated main body, drive and master chip, which is convenient for you to replace or match with other chips. You can achieve creative ideas that fit your personality.

30 Minutes for Installation, Saving 50% Time for More Creativity The parts is very simple to assemble that takes half as long to install as a traditional engraving machine, very easy to use. Less

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