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Alfawise WS – 960 Window Cleaning Robot Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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37% off Alfawise WS – 960 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner – Silver Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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  • Wipes dust clearly
  • Strong suction /not fall
  • Avoids stuck in frame edge
  • Wheels moves flexibly

Alfawise WS – 960 Best Price DEALS

Automatic cleaning on windows

Floating wiper embedded, effectively clears windows, area from 0.5m *0.5m to 5m * 5m.

Firmly sucking on, does not fall

Brushless machine motor with high quality, ensuring long-time sucking on outside windows of high buildings.

  • High RPM Low abrasion.
  • 2800Pa Strong suction

Note: For more safety consideration, there also includes a 4m safety rope in the package for tying the machine.

Avoids machine stuck in frame edge

Six-axis acceleration sensor and frame current sensing system, more exactly detect window frame. Wheels with mechanical steering design, rotate flexibly and precisely.

LEDs indicates remaining power

Once the electricity cut off, the cleaning machine will stop moving and sending alarm, yet still sucking on the window.

30min Sucking endurance once no electricity supply.

4 LEDs Indicate remaining battery power and remaining suction time.

Specially-designed distributed rags Wiping windows more clearly.

  1. Wipe: Imitating manual wiping. Quickly remove dust.
  2. Mop: Absorbing solution. Tows away residual stains.
  3. Wipe: Absorbing solution. Wipes water stains.




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