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ATuMan LS-1S Laser Rangefinder Banggood Coupon Promo Code

48% off ATuMan LS-1S Rechargeable Laser Rangefinder (LS-1 Updated Version)...More

48% off ATuMan LS-1S Rechargeable Laser Rangefinder (LS-1 Updated Version) Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Xiaomi ATuMan ATuMan LS-1S ( Updated Version ) Mini Laser Rangefinder finger size, strong performance

  • 30g Aluminum Magnesium Slloy Body
  • 1.6cm Thin & Portable
  • 3000 times Measurement
  • 1 button Easy to operate

THROW AWAY THE CUMBERSOME CHOICES Only need accurate measurement data, for it, we have done tens of thousands of human- machine tests a button, simple operation, you can get what you want.

ONE-PIECE ALUMINUM- MAGNESIUM ALLOY CASING High-precision integrated molding process, rounded arc, 5 polishing and sandblasting processes, comfortable grip, anti-sweat, and anti-corrosion.

KEY PART PROFESSIONAL QUALITY Ignoring its super high face value, the LS-1 is a professional measurement tool. Up to 2mm measurement accuracy and 0.2 second response time, you can trust your every measurement.

  • Germany First Sensor Imported Photoelectric advanced tube
  • US Silicon Labs Imported Clock Chip
  • ST Microelectronics ST Chip set
  • Japan TDK Inductance/ Solid State Capacitor

RANGING LENGTH MORE THAN 737 AIRCRAFT The LS-1 subverts the ‘definition of the rangefinder. The 30g has a measurement distance of 2 times that of its class. 40m ranging distance, easily covering 98% of the usage scene.

REDDOT DESIGN AWARD Recognized by the global professional design award, its quality can be assured.


  • Office Layout
  • Decoration Measure
  • Family Decorate
  • Teaching Interaction
  • Construction Survey


Product Type: Laser Rangefinder
Size & Weight: 8.6 x 2.2 x 1.6 cm, 30g
Measurement Accuracy: +/- 2mm
Battery: 180mAh Lithium Battery
Shell Material: Alloy + ABS
Appearance Process: Polishing + Sandblasting
Max Measure Distance: 40m
Charging: 5V, not more than 0.2A Less