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Banggood BG-Bee Invitation Code

Banggood BG-bee Share and Earn money. Shop and Earn Cashback...More

Banggood BG-bee

  • Share and Earn money.
  • Shop and Earn Cashback Money
  • Invite and Earn Money

Invitation Code: v6pdaa
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  1. Cashback if you buy products;

eg. There is commission tag on every product page with the discounted coupon or deals displayed.

For example the commission is US$12.06, after purchasing the products with the $20 off coupon the according commission will be given out your account cashback, but only 45 days if no refund or return, then commission will then be activated and available to be withdrew.

2.  Share deals with your friends and earn commission if they order something.

Find any products or good deals, click “Share” button and share it on your social network platform or send it to your friends. If they purchase the product, then you will get the commission.

3. Invite friends to join your sales team and earn commission when they make a sale. Invite friends to join your sales team. Whenever a team member generate sales you will both earn a commission

The more you invite, the higher your membership level is, the more commission rate you will get from their sale

*Starting Level

**if your team consists of the more than 10 people.

***A user with team size more than 500 people that includes at least 100 primary team members. Less