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Diatone 2018 GT-M2.506 Racing Drone Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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21% off Diatone 2018 GT-M2.506 Normal X Titanium FPV Racing Drone PNP F4 8K OSD TBS VTX 20A ESC Runcam Cam Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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With some complex tests, we upgraded the V1 version Now with V2, we reinforced the video transmit system, by adding a Diatone designed anti-interference board, combined with popular TBS Unity Pro to bring you the clearest video transmission. Thus ensure the best possible flying experience

The Diatone designed TBS anti-interference board used CLC filtering. We can now say goodbye to those interferences from the voltage ripple and electromagnetic wave With the VTX on the very top of M3. We try to reduce the interference from the ESCs as much as possible.

With the exactly same connector as the TBS, no modification needed to ensure the easy of use.

Power System

Never before Diatone had compromised on performance. Marauder315 uses BLACK MAMBA F25/45 25A 4in1 combined with SUNNSKY R1106.

12 filter capacitors to reduce the interference of flight control

24 high performance MOSFETs ensured a larger heat distribution area. Together with 12 filtering capacitors from SUMSUNG, reduced the interference to the flight controller

SUNNSKY R1106 6500KV

Not only we upgraded the ESCs, but also the current sensor had been integrated to make things a bit easier.

RunCam Micro Swift

TBS UNIFY 5G8 Video Transmitter

ABOUT DESIGN The Marauder315 2018 still has that tough looking design, kept the same EASY style as its predecessor Marauder530.

Benefit from the unique structural design. The whole cage only weighs 89.

All the cage design after 2018 will have 19mm for installation. Thanks our partner RUNCAM for standardized this new size.

The 25V 47UF aluminum solid capacitors provides the clearest power source for video transmit.

Custom made screws replaced the 6 M2 screws. With the total weight of 0.69.

Low profile screw head ensures smooth surface.

Protruded arm protects the motors from side impacts. Less