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BILACA 6 Qt 9-in-1 Multi Programmable Pressure Cooker Amazon Coupon Promo Code

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Coupon Price : $54.59

  • Poultry : Suitable for meat from birds such as chickens and ducks
  • Meat/Stew :The flesh of animals and birds eaten as food
  • Dessert : Sweet food served after the main part of a meal
  • Beans : It comes from a climbing plant and is cooked as food. There are very many types of beans.
  • Soup : It is for vegetable and other meat soup
  • Rice : For different rice is suitable
  • Multigrain : Good for different grain
  • Yogurt : It is for yogurt function
  • Brown/Saute : It is heat food so that it turns brown, or to become brown by being heated
  • Steam : Cooker can steam for different food
  • Slow cook : It is to say, this cooker also have slow cooker function
  • DIY : Do it yourself, you can select different time for cooking, and decided by yourself
  • Pressure Adjust : Two pressure grade, low and high, for different cooking

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