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Bilikay T50 TWS Wireless Mini Earbuds Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

12% off Bilikay T50 TWS Wireless Mini Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0...More

12% off Bilikay T50 TWS Wireless Mini Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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6D sound effects good sound quality True wireless Intelligent noise reduction Bluetooth headset

Configuration in thousands of dollars Constraint across quality

  • Wireless 5.0
  • Binaural call
  • Auto connect
  • 20 meter signal
  • Full frequency moving iron
  • Volume adjustment Up and down
  • Memory pairing

Really good wireless sound Full frequency moving iron unit Balanced armature drive unit for a solid bass and stunning sound quality experience Moving iron headphones are conducted to a miniature through a small connecting rod The center point of the diaphragm, which produces a vibrating and audible earphone

Good sound quality from inside to outside

  • Full frequency moving iron unit Tri-band balanced HiFi-level listening
  • wireless 5.0 lossless transmission New version supports HD data transmission
  • Independent acoustic cavity The sound is more full and full
  • Tutor-level sports tuning Better the role of the moving iron unit and the sound chamber
  • 9th generation noise reduction technology Restore HD call vocals

6D sound effects Innovative titanium plating conforms to the diaphragm More precise in handling music Brings thick bass and delicate treble Bluetooth headset also has good sound quality

Durable lifelong long standby Headphones available for 7 hours

  • 500 mAh Charging battery
  • 40 mAh Headphone battery
  • 4 hour play music
  • 80 hour Standby duration

Pair two mobile phones independently a pair of headphones Bluetooth 5.0 technology, more stable connection signal, Can realize two headphones to connect different mobile phones at the same time Independent use

  • Single ear use
  • Independent use of both ears
  • Use with both ears

Automatic boot interconnect Memory pairing When the headset is removed from the charging compartment, it automatically turns on and enters Interconnection steps, after 5 seconds, they will be interconnected and then the phone will be turned on. Search for headphones and perform normal pairing as already paired Once, it will automatically remember the pairing success

Wireless 5.0 new technology 20 meters easy and stable connection

20 meter signal Most of the Bluetooth signals on the market are 10 meters, And Bluetooth 5.0 new technology, signal strength up to Up to 20 meters, it won’t be stuck and the signal is broken.

Lower power consumption Compared to the previous generation Bluetooth version New 5.0 technology for lower power consumption More endurance

Binaural sweat Sports are not worried Everyday exercise will have a lot of sweat eroding headphones, we adopt High-strength anti-sweat barrier makes all kinds of sweat and rain seamless Let you feel more at ease, exercise, sweat

A variety of color combinations Face value Four colors, you can choose