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BlitzWolf BW-IS20 Smart Home Security Alarm System Kit Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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27% off BlitzWolf® BW-IS20 Wireless 2G GSM Wifi Smart Home Security Alarm System Starter Kit With DIY 4.3 Inch Fingerprint Unlock Touch Display Smart Alarm System Hub / 2 * Window & Door Sensors / 1 * Motion Detector / 2 * Remote Controllers Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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BlitzWolf@ BW-lS20
Smart Home Securit Alarm System Kit

  • Extremely High Speed of Touch Feedback
  • Unique Arm / Disarm Way
  • Impressed Intuitive Temp & Humidity Display
  • Multiple Alarm Modes

Unique Fingerprint Identification Recognized
Storable 30 sets of fingerprints.

Unlock System
Safe and no need to keep the password on mind.

Replace the RFID tag and button arm/disarm method.

4.3 Inches Colored Capacitive Screen
Instinctive and easy to operate.

  • Smooth touch experience and sensitive response speed.
  • Simple style interface and menu guidance design.
  • Smart operating system supports various configurations.

Report! Section A Got An Alarm
Once the sub-device is triggered, it sends signals to the host, and the host will alarm via various channels.

SMS Report(2G CMS)
Mobile phone receives alarm SMS

Phone Report(2G GMS)
Mobile phone receives alarm Call

Host Report
The host makes a loud alarm sound

APP Report(Wi-Fi)
APP receives alert notifications

Anti-Tamper Alarm
The host will trigger a loud alarm when anyone tries to break your host.

Low Battery Alarm
Once an accessory’s battery is low, an alarm will be sent to your host and app.

More Features

  • Calendar + Temp/ Humidity Display More intimate than a thermometer.
  • Accessories Max to 99 accessories can be connected.
  • 500MAh spare Battery Use in case of power failure and emergency.
  • Two Way Intercom The host can act as a phone.