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BlitzWolf BW-SH5 Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier Banggood Coupon Code [Czech Warehouse]

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33% off BlitzWolf® BW-SH5 Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier with APP Control 4.3L Capacity Heating Constant Humidity Plasma and UV Sterilization 360 ° Humidification for Home Bedroom Office Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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BlitzWolf BW-SH5

Intelligent Humidifier
Moisturize your skin now

  • APP Control
  • 4.3L Capacity
  • Heating
  • Humidity
  • Plasma
  • UV

Blitz Wolf APP Remote Control
Refresh and improve air quality before you go home

4.3L Large Water Tank
Can be used for a long time when the amount of water is filled at one time

*Separated design: easy to remove the tank and add water

360 °Ultrasonic High Efficiency Humidification
Realizing large-scale humidification by not wetting the table

Fit the Environment
Constant Humidity(mist volume can be automatically adjusted based on the preset humidity)

  • Heating
  • Constant Humidity
  • Humidity range:30, 35…75%

Beneficial to Human Health
Kill germs in the water tank and avoid the secondary pollution

  • Plasma Function
  • UV Sterilization

Baby Mode
Soft, cozy, safe

Night Mode
Take care of your sleep Less

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