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Comes from America Cordless Electric Mop

  • Time-saving and energy-saving
  • Spin move head
  • Integrated water tank
  • Long battery life

Intelligent electric mop Industry leading brand

  • Detachable battery
  • Double rotating spin head
  • One-click wet mop
  • Powerful
  • Cordless design
  • Integrated water tank
  • Handle telescopic
  • Low noise
  • 200 kg weight Bearing

Electric floor mopping machine Exclusive for floor cleaning

  • Cordless design
  • Low to 30 dB noise
  • No leakage danger

Change the traditional way of cleaning, enjoy purity of life

  • Water residual makes wood floor moldy
  • Time-wasting to mop manually
  • Insanitation for always wet floor

Detachable Li-battery pack Prolonged the working time once charge use for 40 minutes of dry mode and 20 minutes of wet mode

  • Rated voltage 14.4 v detachable Li- battery pack improve efficiency
  • The working time lasts 40 minutes
  • dry mopping takes 40 minutes, wet mopping takes 20 minutes

BOBOT Lithium battery system

  • Safer Detachable battery pack makes it more safer and stable
  • Longer battery life Intelligent battery management system
  • Better working performance Tiny but mighty low electricity consuming

Double rotation, strong decontamination high speed of spin head makes large friction to improve working ability

Freely extended easily to use elder people and children use it conveniently and it takes small area to store

One-handed light mopping save time and effort

Cordless brings more freedom 2.4G wireless transmission ensures accurate reception of the signal makes it convenient and handy.

  • Open the back cover of the handle
  • Install the AAA battery

Rotate 180 degrees left and right and Rotate 90 degrees up and down convenient and practical It is suitable for cleaning various corners, bottom of tables and chairs

Dust removal / disinfection / sterilization
Powerful function beyond your imagination

Deep cleaning of floor dust, dander, particles, bacteria, etc.

Easy to install, easy to disassemble, durable

  • The brush could effectively polish the ground
  • 240 mm microfiber mop cloth could absorb water quickly
  • Easy to dissemble