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77 Languages Travel Globally We independently develop a powerful translation engine, which not only supports the translation between Chinese and other languages, but also supports the arbitrary switching between 77 languages, making a great step forward for the realization of the global village.

  • Designed specifically for travelers abroad, the translation accuracy is as high as 98%.
  • Professional Oral Language Optimization Techniques, Suitable for Oral Translation
  • Using in-depth learning method, the more used, the more accurate
  • Establishing services and providing fast services in many countries of the world

Network Connection Mode

  • WIFI connection
  • Hotspot connection

Dialogue translation Face-to-face communication easy translation

  • Touch screen to switch languages easily
  • High definition noise reduction
  • Built in YNMT network translation engine

0.2s Speed of translation

97% Accuracy of translation

Collecting chat records

Camera Dictionary OCR for Moto 1200W Pixel Shot-and-Translation Can’t read the shopping label/menu/road sign/instruction?One-click photography, real-time translation, can manually adjust the translation area.Shopping has a good help.

Happy chat (translation) Support multi person, multi country different language communication You can invite other brands of Al translation machine users. Multi machine build group. Cross regional, cross language communication, to meet the needs of multi-level classification.

It can support 500 people to communicate in the same group at the same time.

Small but powerful Put it in your bag / pocket / chest

It is only 1 cm thick and can be carried anywhere and anytime. Small body shape, Yingying grip

After 300,000 test keys Brilliant colour plating ring, simple and high-end appearance

HD camera, anti-shake chip, close-range shooting text clearer

Curved screen, in line with the human eye retina radian, sensory experience more comfortable

Side power key and tuning key make operation more convenient.


  • Record the audio while changing the text.
  • Customizable language
  • Support 77 languages

Support 60 minutes continuous recording, 4 GB, mass storage space.

Off-line translation Built in INMT offline engine, no signal translation, quick response.Accurate translation

Currently supports 5 languages, while other languages continue to update later.

offline data is only a beta version. Please give priority to online translation.

Chinese / English / Japanese / Korean / French

Functional parameters

  • Photo translation
  • Offline translation
  • Touch screen
  • AI assistant
  • Dual microphone noise reduction
  • Standby for 200 hours
  • Able to translate 77 languages
  • 14 systems languages
  • WIFI
  • Face to face translation
  • Happy chat
  • Quick translation of sound recording