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Deerma DEM-F300 Ultrasonic Water Humidifier Banggood Coupon Promo Code

50% off Deerma DEM-F300 2.5L Air Humidifier Mute Ultrasonic Aroma...More

50% off Deerma DEM-F300 2.5L Air Humidifier Mute Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser for Home Office Fogger Purifying Banggood Coupon Promo Code

Banggood Coupon Price :$29.99

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  • Little Red Cap Design
  • Convenient Watering
  • 360° Rotating Fog
  • PP Material
  • Can Add Aroma
  • Detachable Design
  • Promise Knob Adjustment
  • Shaped Spray Ring

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This cute little red cap humidifiers Let life shine Lively red look, with a three-dimensional water ripple design, make life more colorful.

  • Red Color
  • Three-Dimensional Water Ripple
  • Frosted Paint

Little Size And Portable Deerma Little Cap Humidifiers has little size body, no space occupying.Can be placed on table or desk, simple and beautiful.

Easy To Add Water No need to lift up the water tank, only add water on the top,very easy and convenient.

360° Rotating Out Of The Mist 360° can be rotated to change the direction of fogging at any time.

Machine Anti-Corrosion PP Material Fruit/flowers/essential oils may be added directly Compared with ABS water tank, PP water tank is more resistant to corrosion and high temperature, and can be added with aromatherapy essential oil.

Tips: Do not soak the fruit for more than 3 hours

20mm Large Diameter Water Tank The whole machine can be removed and washed 200mm widening design, in addition to easy to add water, cleaning is also very easy.

  • 200mm  Widening Caliber
  • Removable And Washable

Gathering Spray Humidification Range Is Wide The higher the amount of fog, the easier it will spread into the air without getting wet at home. The Deema Shaped Spray Ring System combines a turbine air duct circulation, and the amount of mist can be further concentrated to moisturize every corner of the home.

Promise Knob Freely Adjusts The Amount Of Fog Red stepless knob, easy to rotate, you can adjust the amount of fog.

Water Shortage Automatic Power Failure Protection Sensitive monitoring of water level conditions, automatic power off when water is scarce, preventing machine dry burning

  • Automatic Power  Off  When Lack Of Water
  • Water Level Monitoring