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Deerma DEM-HX20 Multifunction Dryer
Dry shoes make you more comfortable to wear

  • 100 mg/h Ozone
  • 64 °C Constant Heat
  • U-shaped Air Outlet
  • Dehumidify and Dry Your Clothes

Feet tend to sweat
And sweat with a lot of substances such as urea,lactic acid, will produce a lot of bacteria.

Intelligent constant temperature
Quickly take away the moisture, keep shoes dry.

Ozone care
Create a healthy shoe environment.

U-shaped air outlet, drying two pairs of shoes at the same time
To meet the needs of a variety of drying shoes.

The drying shoes do not need to wait for a long time
And the hot air will be output 15 seconds after starting to improve the efficiency of the drying shoes.

Multiple modes, different drying schemes for different types of shoes
Taking care of different shoes of the family,making life more convenient.

  • The standard Model For chunky boots
  • Boot Mode For leather shoes
  • Weak Wind Model For thin footwear
  • Ozone Mode For smelly shoes and socks

Telescopic hose
Can be deep into the interior of footwear,easily cope with a variety of footwear.

  • Stretch hose to dry high top shoes
  • Can tilt the body, drying heavy shoes

More possibilities for the product, not only to dry shoes, but also to warm.
The ambient temperature gradually rises,the moisture in the air is vaporized,and the indoors are kept dry.
The continuous hot air penetrates into the fibrous layer of the clothes to achieve the drying effect.

  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Cold and Warm
  • Drying Clothes
  • Effective Bacteriostatic

Small body, not only takes up extra space in the corner
In addition, you can move to the bedroom and living room flexibly to keep your home dry and comfortable.

Triple security measures
Use with confidence.

  • Double temperature control protection
  • 30 seconds of air supply and cooling


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