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40% off Deerma TB500 Spray Mop Lightweight 360 Degree Rotation Flat Mop For Home Kitchen – white Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code

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Deerma Water Spray Mop
Your good help of cleaning, it is easy to mop the floor

  • Fast Drying
  • Only 0.75Kg
  • Microfiber Pad

No Need to Wait Long Time. It is Fast Drying
When we finished mop the floor, there were always wet and we had to wait for a while before we could walk down. Why not try a slightly wet cleaning? It will dry quickly, we walk around at any time.

  • ≤2mL Humidity fogging
  • O.1S Rapid atomization
  • 95cm Long distance spray

Fine Mist and Damp Clean, So That The Floor Is Far Away To Mildew Trouble.
The mop is too wet to allow the floor to get damp. Too dry and dragging is not enough. The polymer spray pump body is finely atomized for 0.1 second. Each time the outlet water is strictly controlled at 1.7mL -2mL.
Just the right degree of dampness, instant dry after dragging, so that the floor bid farewell to damp moldy troubleso

95cm Broad Spray Area Has A Wider Range of Mopping Areas, Saving Your Time
By adjusting the mop rod, the press spray can reach 95cm far, forming a fine, wide, uniform fan-shaped
spray area which a wider range, more time-saving when you mop the floor.

Only 0.75kg Girls Can Lift Easily
It is only 0.75Kg, which is equivalent to the weight of three apples. The slim girls can also lift it lightly,
reduce fatigue when cleaning the whole house, who are clean and afraid of trouble, and can finish cleaning easily.

0.35L Portable Water Tank Plus Water One Time, Dragging 100m²
Refresh your understanding of the mopping ground. Before you drag the floor, you have to walk back
and forth many times to clean the floor. Delmar spray mop to 350mI water tank, while spraying while dragging without walking, just add water once, 100m clean and easy to finish.

Carbon Fiber Dust Mop, Dust Liquid Stains all is Cleaned
The mop is woven with fine fibers and carbon fibers. The end of the hooked fiber filaments can lock small dust particles and penetrate deep into the gaps between the tiles to achieve meticulous cleaning that is comparable to the effect of manual cleaning with a rag.

  • 10mm Effective Water Absorption
  • Only Adhesion Is lot Easy To Loose

360° Rotating Mop No Stress To Deal With Multiple Home Impediments
The 360°rotating mop rod meets the hard-to-clean corners such as the chair leg and the wall corner,
and it can easily turn around. Only 0.1cm mop head, plus only 3cm connection structure, can be flexible into the sofa, coffee table The bottom of the bed, deep clean.

  • 360°rotatable mop
  • 3cm slim mop head

1.2M Long Mop Free Cleaning High and Low
Little girl, lifted the mop to clean the tiled walls of the bathroom, tall boys, do not bend and effort to rub deeper sofa corner

Cleaning and Maintenance A Multipurpose Mop
Can add essential oils, detergents, disinfectants to the tank, cleaning and waxing, maintenance of the floor in one fell swoop. Whether it is wet dust, or dry footprints left by the rain. It can do a good job of cleaning.

Products Details

  • Comfort Handle ABS material gives you a good feeling
  • Steel Pipe Mop Rod Anti-fall wear, drop many times, still like new
  • Easy To Install Water Tank One second loading and unloading tank , saves time and effort.