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DIGGRO Laser Master1 Laser Engraving Machine Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

40% off DIGGRO Laser Master1 15W 210x210mm fast Laser Engraving...More

40% off DIGGRO Laser Master1 15W 210x210mm fast Laser Engraving Machine – Black EU Standard Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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DIGGRO Laser Master1 user manual

DIGGRO Safe, High Power, High Speed Engraver Preassembled Parts, Easy to Assemble and Easy to Use

  • Active Position Protection
  • High Power Laser Engraver
  • 32bits MCU for Better Performance
  • LaserGRBL -Most Popular Open Source Control Softer

Elegant but durable design with powerful laser unit Your star battlecruiser is ready to be launched

High power laser unit  Bigger specialized heat sink solid, stable and durable

  • Stable Laser beam
  • Better heat-removal
  • High speed laser engraving
  1. Option 1: The Laser Master 7W is very affordable, especially good at picture engraving.
  2. Option 2: The Laser Master 15W is most cost effective, available for both of engraving and cutting
  3. Option : The Laser Master 20W is a little more expensive, but supports a faster engraving and cutting.

Two options to adjust the laser Focus

Adjust the laser unit height to adjust the laser focus. Adjust the lens focus ring to adjust the laser focus.

Triple Safety Protection System for Worry-Free Use

Active Position Protection If the machine detects unauthorized movement, the laser beam will stop.

Laser Beam Safety Guard If your computer system halted or USB cable disconnected, led to that the laser engraver stop moving, the laser beam will stop, to prevent fire.

Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation If laser engraver under control, but user forget to operate and keep the laser beam working, extra safety will cut off in case motor stopped moving,

Product parameters

  • Y-Axis Assembly x1
  • X-Axis Assemblyx1
  • Power Adapter X1
  • Laser Module x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Reference Table x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • Laser Goggles x1
  • Wooden Plates for Testing x4
  • M5 Nuts & Washers x4
  • M3x16 Screws & 5MM Plastic Columns x2
  • Wrench x1
  • Acrylic Plate for Testing x1
  • Angle Fasteners x4
  • Whiteboard Marker x1
  • Brush x1 Cable Ties x6

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