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HD Negative Display Color Screen

DG-EX002 uses a high quality and energy saving LED HD negative screen, with color partition design, even in the sunlight can clearly display the information.

Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Display

Real-time update of indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and its trend and weather forecast data, know the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor without leaving home.

Max/Min Temperature Display Function

DG-EX002 could synchronously display the maximum/low temperature and humidity of the day, let you know if need to increase or decrease clothes and go out in a decent way.

The Barometric Pressure in the Past 12 Hours Recording

Daily Alarm with Snooze Function

Setting alarm clock advance, with snooze reminder function, no longer worry about accidentally overslept.

Adjustable Sleep Brightness Mode

Added sleep mode, you can turn on/off or adjust screen brightness as needed. Three screen brightness options, no longer worry about the night is too dark to see the screen or the screen is too bright to irritate the eyes

The Moon Phase Display
What are the changes in the moon’s shadow?

According to real-time update of DG-EX002 moon phase. you can observe the changes of the moon’s shadow at the same time. Let you know more about this mysterious, unpredictable space Less