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Intelligent flight battery ( 2pcs ) Rated Capacity: 3850mAh 59.29 Wh

Flying Time: 31 minutes

Built-in DJI intelligent battery management system offering real-time monitoring and feedback of battery status

Car charger

The maximum output power of 80 W allows the battery to be quickly charged, and the battery can be charged while driving. With battery undervoltage protection, it does not affect the normal start of the vehicle.

When the battery housekeeper is used with the car charger, the battery charging port can be expanded to four, and the connected battery can be charged in turn according to the remaining power of the battery, from high to low, which can eliminate the trouble of plugging and unplugging batteries one by one.

Battery-charging treasure converter

The battery-charging treasure converter transforms the smart flying battery into a large-capacity charging treasure. It has two USB-A interfaces and can provide two 10W outputs at the same time.

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is tailored for Mavic 2, which can accommodate one drone, one remote control, one mobile phone, four batteries and propellers, ND mirror, data cable, SD card and other accessories.

Noise-resistant propeller

Higher aerodynamic efficiency and better endurance

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