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Xiaomi Emmett CS35-R3 Natural Wind Pedestal Fan Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Emmett Natural Wind Pedestal FAN

  • Sleep Wind + Natural Wind
  • Three Speed Levels
  • 9 Hours Appointment Timing
  • Elegant Shape
  • Various Wind Modes
  • Appointment Timing

Natural Wind + Sleep Wind Meet More Needs of Life The natural wind mode simulates the change of the natural wind. The wind volume sometimes large and sometimes small. Sleep wind mode designed for sleep, automatically lowers the speed level with sleep time.

  • Three Speed Level Natural Wind
  • Three Speed Level Natural Wind

3+1 Wind Speed Levels Three standard wind for you to choose. The first one is gentle breeze, the second one is fresh wind, the third one is strong and cool wind. With one-button mute mode, instantly cool and windless, so you can enjoy the quiet breeze.

5 Blade Design Can Be Soft or Strong Five blades are more delicate and even, and the wind is softer and more natural. The high speed level can also explode in strong wind.

All aluminum motor Powerful and Durable Adopt high quality, all aluminum shell copper core motor, one time casting, anti-aging strength, long service life, smooth and quiet operation.

  • Copper Core Motor
  • Warranty for 10 years
  • Aluminum Shell
  • Rapid Cooling

Work with Air Conditioning Make Cold Air Even In this way,can effectively prevent cold air from staying on the ground, avoid too low local temperature, make the room air-cooled evenly.

Caring Details 9-hour appointment to open and turn off screen, according to your own habits. 45 seconds without operation automatically cut off the screen, reducing nighttime light pollution, and caring for quality sleep.

Suitable for Various Household Scene Adhering to the minimalist design aesthetics, the whole machine pure white body with black LCD screen classic color.

Detail Makes Texture

  • Mesh Cover Side Hollow Design. 119 Air Intake Holes. Double the Intake Air, Double the Air Supply.
  • Engraved Button
  • Widen he Weight Of the Chassis Not Easy to Tilt

Package Display

  • Motor + Pillar
  • Long Pole
  • Fan Blade
  • Front Mesh cover
  • Chassis
  • Rear Mesh cover