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Flytec V010 GPS RC Bait Boat Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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10% off Flytec V010 2.4G Intelligent Positioning Three Bait Tanks Automatic Return Fishing Bait RC Boat Vehicle Models Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Intelligent Cruise Control System
Free your hands

Push the left and right throttle sticks up. and press the B button to enter the cruise mode

GPS bait boat description

  • Automatic cruise
  • battery display
  • automatic correction of yaw

Product Parameter


Remote Control Instructions

  • Cruise control
  • GPS positioning
  • One-key navigation
  • Low battery return

BDS+GPS Dual Satellite Module
Multiple positioning points can be set, automatic navigation between positioning points

Eight Characteristics

  • GPS Positioning
  • Fixed-Speed Cruising
  • Lost Signal/Low Battery Return
  • Baiting
  • 500m Control Distance
  • Turning Indicator
  • Long Use Time
  • Automatic Calibratio

Upgrade Silo Y-Notch Attach fishing hook
Higher efficiency

Intelligent Bait Boat
Three-way Baiting Multi-point:Posítioning Intelligent Return Silent Driving

Front And Rear Double Night Navigation Lights
Easy positioning in cloudy day or at night One brighting light, two night fishing lights

Intelligent Return System Respond quickly to emergencies Automatically return when the boat is in poor signal for a long time. Automatically return when the boat is low on electricity.

3 independent control of silos
Simultaneously baiting and sending the hook

Automatic correction of center of gravity deviation caused by unilateral load Less

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