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Anion folding hair dryer

  • Ten million negative ions
  • Foldable design
  • Gentle hair care experience
  • The air outlet radiates near 0
  • Intelligent noise reduction design
  • Hair care styling
  • Minimalist aesthetic design
  • Low electromagnetic structure

Eliminate static electricity, smooth rough Hair smooth

Constant temperature care Quick drying does not harm the hair Adjust the temperature and wind speed to the comfortable state of human body surface Constant temperature care, even wind

Mini folding Handle can be folded, small and portable

The innovative fuselage structure ensures that the electromagnetic radiation of the air outlet is close to zero, in line with human health standards, and can be used comfortably by babies and pregnant women

Aerodynamic noise reduction design Less noise, more comfort

Three levels custom temperature design Freedom to switch

Product details

  • Small and light, folding body, easy to receive
  • Flat air mouth, easy to blow, mooth hair
  • Ergonomic handle, easy to hold and comfortable to handle
  • Screw type air inlet shield prevents dust and other foreign matters from entering