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UV Germicidal 50 Deg.C Hot Air Disinfection Towel Dryer

  • UV Sterilizing
  • Hot Air Drying
  • Timing
  • Human Body Sensor

Intelligent Sterilization & Deodorization The use of high-efficiency UV sterilization and disinfection can effectively inhibit influenza viruses, mites, E. coli, etc. and create a healthy bathroom environment.

Integrated Powerful Low-noise Mot The use of DC brushless motor technology makes the product body perfectly match the air duct to achieve effective noise reduction, large air volume, high efficiency and energy saving output.

Protect The Health Of Family Clothing In addition to towels, it can also be used on clothes with intelligent constant temperature output to continuously protect the healthy environment of family towels and clothing.

  • Baby Clothing
  • Adult Clothing

Double Fan Blades Out Of Winds The double fan blades can supply air in a wide range of 86 degrees, and the air can be evenly distributed. The air supply distance can reach 1.5 meters. The temperature can be dried at a constant temperature of 50 Deg.C C to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Triple Protection Eliminates Hidden Dangers

  • Intelligent human induction When the human body is detected within 2.5 meters, automatically turned off the UV, automatically starts when the human body leaved.
  • Waterproof inlet and outlet The air inlet and outlet are designed at the bottom, which is opposite to the direction of normal water flow.
  • Constant temperature protection Equipped with temperature sensor, automatic power off at high temperature. Equipped with


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