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24% off IndelB Car Refrigerator T12 Intelligent Long-lasting Insulation Fast Cooling 12L Capacity Refrigerator from Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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indelB Car Refrigerator T12

  • Imported Compressor
  • Up to -18°C
  • Intelligent Temperature Control System
  • 28 Refrigeration gears
  • Long-lasting nsulation
  • Fully Open Storage Space
  • 2 Cooling Modes
  • 12L Large Capacity
  • High precision temperature sensing element
  • Digital touch panel
  • 45W energy saving low power
  • Smooth running at 30° slope

German Refrigeration Technology

  • Imported Compressor
  • -18°C Fast Cooling
  • 55°C Ring Temperature Strong Cooling

Chilled Diet readily available

  • Beverage store
  • Outdoor picnic
  • Away from home Breast milk preservation
  • Local fresh

2 Cooling Modes

  • MAX Mode Strong Cooling
  • ECO Mode Lasting Preservation
  • 15 Minutes Dropped to 0°C

High Density Insulation Even after the car is off, the refrigerator return to the lowest temperature (-18°) to 0°C, it takes about 63 hours. When it is warmed to 10°C, it takes about 93 hours.

Smart battery protection technology High, medium and low three-speed battery protection is optional. According to the starting voltage of different car models, different battery protection gears can be selected to ensure the car start and car safety.

  • 3 gears Battery protection
  • Cigarette insertion Plug in and Ready to use

Power-off Temperature Memory Smart Save Temperature Setting

  • Car paint
  • High quality touch panel
  • Hidden handle
  • Clamshell design


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