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11% off JJRC X19 PRO 5G WIFI FPV GPS with 4K HD Dual Camera 2-Axis EIS Gimbal 360° Obstacle Avoidance 25mins Flight Time Brushless RC Drone Quadcopter RTF Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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JJRC X19 PRO Aliexpress and Banggood DEALS

Equipped with brushless motor of strong wind resistance, combines GPS positioning system, obstacle avoidance and 4K video. To create possibilities and take you be personally on the scene.

  • 4K Camera
  • Anti-shake Self-stabilizing Gimbal
  • GPS Positioning System

Excellent Design Give More Splendid Appearance
Smooth and more powerful fuselage lines, full of technology,you are deserved to have it.

Upgrade 2.0 With Variety of Cutting-edge Technology
Equipped with three positioning technology and HD gimbal camera, create as you wish.

Give You More Possibilities

  • 2-axis Self-stabilizing Gimbal Electric Adjustable Camera
  • 4K Cinema Level Resolution More Detailed and More Perfect
  • GPS Global Positioning System Variety of Return to Home
  • 5G HD Image Transmission 1KM Flight Range
  • GPS/optical Flow Hovering Stable Flight
  • 25 minutes Flight Time Enjoy Flying
  • Level 7 Wind Resistance Brushless Power
  • Intelligent Following Auto Following Shooting
  • 360° Surround Create Wonderful Blockbusters
  • Create Micro Film Share Instantly
  • High Brightness Lights Easy Flight at Night
  • Pointing Flight Flight as You Wish

Easy Flight and Photography Stunning Your Expectations
Whether it’s flight entertainment or records beauty,give you a better experience.

Safety System 360° Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Automatically detect and avoid obstacle during flight,providing protection for your worry-free flight.

Intelligent Flight 360° Laser Obstacle Avoidance Fly Free
Equipped with infrared sensor, 360 degree detect obstacles intelligently and automatically during flight, avoid bumping and scratching, providing protection for your worry-free flight.

Easy for Beginners Easily Deal with All kinds of Obstacles

  • Avoid Obstacle during Follow to Shot
  • Obstacle Avoidance Through the Corridor
  • Avoid Pedestrians during Flying
  • Solid Objects Obstacle Avoidance

Anti-shake and Self-stabilizing Anti-shake Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal Effectively eliminate the camera shaking, to improve the quality of photography, support 90°long-distance control, 110°ultra-wide-angle photography.

Anti-shake Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal EIS Stabilization Technology Dual stable technology system, more stable and clearer picture.

  • 90° rotation remote control
  • 110’ultra-wide angle lens.

Clear and Excellent 4K Resolution, Dual HD Camera SONY F/2.15 110° big aperture lens, 4K HD camera, 25 frames HDR video and picture. Support long-distance 90° rotation control, aerial shoot easily.

Front-facing 4K camera
90° long-distance rotation control

Bottom optical flow camera
Free perspective switch

Safety and Anti-lost GPS Multifunctional Return to Home GPS automatically records starting-point, no matter how far fly, also can intelligent return to home.

Strong Power Brushless Power Level 7 Wind Resistance Equipped with more energy-saving and more powerful brushless motor, with strong wind resistance ability and support for sea flight.

Easy to Fly Dual Positioning Hovering Equipped with dual positioning flight system for real-time stability, so the drone can keep the stable hovering both indoor and outdoor.

5G Image Transmission 1000 Meters Flight Range In situ, you can watch wonderful moments from kilometers away.

Create as You Wish 50 Times Zoom for Make Any Photography You Want Support 1 to 50 times automatic zoom shooting, enjoy the aerial vision.

Night Flight High Brightness Flight Light The front end and rear end of the fuselage are equipped with high brightness LED lights, which are more colorful at night

Intelligent Following Your Excellent Following Shooting Assistant The drone automatically lock and follows the protagonist everywhere,freed your hands.

360°Surround for Shooting Blockbusters Make the protagonist as the center point, shoot with 360° circling flight.

Flight as You Wish Everywhere Draw your desired flight path or points on the APP map, the drone will fly according to the drawn path or points.

Real-time Battery Power Display “25 minutes Flight Time” Drawer type modular battery design, easy to install and take, long-lasting and durable.

Product accessories

  • Controller*1
  • Drone*1
  • Spare propeller*4
  • Lens cove*1
  • Storagebag*1
  • Screwdriver*1
  • USB charging cable*1
  • User manual*1


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