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KCASA ZH-SC 500-3500W Instant Electric Faucet Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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37% off ZH-SC 500-3500W Rotatable Water Faucet Instant Electric Faucet Hot And Cold Water Heater For Home Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Hot And Cold Control Warm continuation

  • Instant Electric Faucet
  • Ready To Use
  • Hot And Cold

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  • 3 Seconds Fast
  • Hot And Cold
  • Safety Protection
  • Easy To Install

For the safety of the family, electric faucet quality can not be underestimated

Slow Heating Waiting For Long Time, waiting for hot water for a long time, it takes time and costs

Traditional Electric Faucet No temperature protection for children, it is easy to be burned by hot water that suddenly comes out

Not Safe Enough In traditional equipment, it is easy to breed bacteria for a long time.

Simple Operation Seven-speed Intelligent Temperature Adjustment Large-screen touch screen display, visible temperature, adjustable power according to the power environment.

Blue LED Screen Visible Temperature Changes

High-definition digital display, real-time control of water temperature, rejection of burns and cold

Over Temperature Protection Avoid Burns The water temperature automatically stops above 60°C , Heating at this time requires the water temperature to drop below 60°C to automatically start heating / effluent

Quickly wash away the sediment in the dish

Single Handle Control Hot and Cold Water Switch

  • Multiple Protection
  • Purification Heating
  • Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold One-handed Manipulation

Over Temperature Alarm Computer Temperature Control

7 Seven-speed Power Adjustment Different Power Environment

Low Water Pressure Start Meet More Users

Water Temperature Display Is Monitoring The Water Temperature

ABS Body High Temperature Resistant Plastic Housing

No Solder Joint No Seam Three-dimensional swirl heating, water path wrapped around the heating tube, gradual heating of water flow increases heating area, improve thermal efficiency, save energy and save electricity,

Promise Temperature Control Hot And Cold Cold water and hot water can be used separately, hot water temperature is regulated by controlling water flow, the smaller the water flow, the higher the temperature

The Outlet Pipe Can Be Rotated By 120° Single Handle With Its Own Rotation For More Flexibility More Convenient And Convenient Operation

High Temperature Resistant ABS Case Use Imported Heat-resistant High Temperature ABS green plastic shell Use Longer, Safer

Detail Analysis Magnify the details, the quality is guaranteed, so you can worry about shopping

Comfort Handle Cool and heat adjustment, easy to operate

Large Screen Digital Display Real-time Temperature Display, At A Glance

ABS Body High temperature resistant and environmentally friendly plastic case

Fine Hole Nozzle Easy To Clean And Even Out Of Water

Excellent Brass Universal Quadrant Less

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