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23% off Lenovo UM6 Wired Microphone 3.5mm Stereo Studio KTV Karaoke Mini Microphone For Smart Phone Laptop PC Desktop Handheld Audio Micphone Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Rococo design
  • Simple style
  • Comfortable grip
  • Appearance of Metal Grinding
  • Ceramic 2.0 speaker
  • HD resolution
  • Medium high low frequency
  • Low driving voltage

Bright Recording and headphone monitoring are bright vocals

Dampness Both recording and headphone monitoring are Bel Canto effects

Record The recording is the original sound, the headphone monitor is the Bel Canto, and the sound can be post-processed

Intelligent noise reduction
14mm condenser diaphragm head, using noise threshold technology to identify ambient sound, vocal intelligent noise reduction, singing without noise

Fast flash charge, long standby time

  • K song never stops Long standby
  • 2500mAh capacity battery Using fast flash charging technology
  • Three-stage toggle switch Bright: Listen dry and record dry Wet recording: listen to wet and record wet Record dry: listen wet and record dry
  • Slide potentiometer Swipe from top to bottom to gradually reduce the volume to mute


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