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New Launch High-end Window Cleaning Robot WS-1080

  • Smart Window Cleaning
  • High Efficient Cleaning
  • Great Magician of Your House Cleaning

Fashionable Design make it simple, super thin machine body, ergonomic, brings a streamlined touch of blue light

Excellent Performance artificial intelligence, imported chip, newly equipped with zinc alloy gearing transmission device, six-axis acceleration sensor, super strong drive design

High Efficient Cleaning well-known brand brushless motor, high quality, high rotation speed, low wear, original patent wiping partition design

Safety Guarantee built-in famous brand Lithium-ion battery & battery control chip, power failure protection, dedicated industrial grade standard sucker, equipped with special elastic safety rope

Windows are the Eyes of Your House Your house will be a clean and bright sweet home only with clean windows

Upgraded Plan Meticulous Wiping High-end Configuration

  • Brushless Motor
  • APP Control
  • Imported Chip
  • Coordinate Memory
  • Vacuum Adsorption
  • 360° Guide Wheel
  • Low Noise
  • Artificial Wiping
  • Multiple Cleaning Routes
  • Edge Detection Sensor
  • Safe Anti Falling
  • Rimless Working

One Button Start Brighten Your New World

Clean Better than Manual Cleaning We are doing everything to provide you a smarter life, time saving, effortlessly, make the window scenery more beautiful.

Intelligent Planning Path Throughout Multiple Cleaning Modes LIECTROUX WS-1080 window cleaning robot is able to plan its own cleaning path automatically according to the needs of the environment. It possess three cleaning modes which include N-shaped mode, Z-shaped mode and automatic mode to achieve full coverage and higher cleaning efficiency.

  • N-shaped Mode Suitable for horizontal window clean from left to right
  • Z-shaped Mode Suitable for vertical window clean from top to bottom
  • Automatic Mode First N then Z double cleaning pattern

Artificial Intelligence Memory Function LIECTROUX WS-1080 has original memory function which means after wiping, it will automatically return to the original spot where it starts cleaning.

APP Control All under Your Control After starting the power button of the machine, you can control LIECTROUX WS-1080 window cleaning robot through the mobile APP. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand.

One Button Control Easy for Your Parents and Elders to Use LIECTROUX WS-1080 can be controlled wirelessly under 2.4G network and it possesses with strong penetration and 15 meters effective operating distance. You can direct it to clean from a distance with simple fingertip on your cellphone while you cooking a big meal in the kitchen for your family.

Newly Equipped with Intelligent Control System Fully Automatic Cleaning LIECTROUX WS-1080 is equipped with comprehensive artificial intelligent imported chip, six-axis acceleration sensor and super strong drive design.

  • Italy And France ST Semiconductor Architecture Microcontroller
  • Driver Chip Allegro Electric Drive Recognition
  • Famous Brand Lithium-ion Battery & Battery Control Chip
  • Intelligent Management Power System

Window Frame Motion Sensing System Anti Falling Window frame motion sensing system, highly sensitive and accurate distance measurement of LIECTROUX WS-1080 enables it to automatically detect the edge of windows. When encountering the frames or window handles, it will touch them slightly instead of hard touching. Besides it can turn around in time when encountering frameless glass, and it is safe and possesses anti-falling function.

Super Practicality Suitable for Multiple Scenes The upgraded pressure sensitivity of LIECTROUX WS-1080 enables it to deal with multiple complicated cleaning environment.

Equipped with imported chip, 32-bit ARM framework and real-time monitoring mode of precision air pressure sensing system, LIECTROUX WS-1080 can work smoothly in complex environment like frameless glass, big or small window frame glass, glass door, frosted glass and tile wall etc.

  • Big or small window frame glass in your house, frosted glass
  • Glass walls in office building, high-rise floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Glass house, sea view house
  • Tile walls in kitchen and bathroom

Large Vacuum Suction
No Slipping No Deviation More Stable

LIECTROUX WS-1080’s 2800pa vacuum suction, vertical load bearing capacity of 7500g and special track effectively increases the friction between the glass and the machine. Therefore to prevent the machine from slipping on wet glass and to ensure a more stable window cleaning route.

Patented of Mops Partition Cleaning Leaving No Marks LIECTROUX WS-1080’s unique mops partition cleaning design allow it to remove the dust on the glass and wiping independently. The machine can efficiently remove dust on the glass while working. The cleaning performance of the machine on dirty glass is more prominent and it effectively avoids the phenomenon of tracks stained with dust and easy to slip.

Double Guarantee Safe and Stable LIECTROUX WS-1080 is equipped with dedicated industrial grade standard sucker, strong suction power and special elastic safety rope so you no longer need to worry about wiping outdoor glass. ( Its special elastic safety rope adopts imported nano-grade material so it has stronger elasticity and better cushioning. And it is safer and more durable.)

  • Firstly, buckling the metal steel buckle to the window cleaning robot.
  • Secondly, knotting the elastic safety rope on the sucker.
  • Thirdly, after the knot is tied well, sucking the sucker on the smooth and safe place on glass.

Anti-Dropping Special Joint Extended Anti-Breakage Line The anti-dropping L-shaped nut power plug comes with a 2.5-meter power cord and a 4-meter extension cord, designed for glass doors and large windows, and the wiping distance is greatly extended.

  • 6.5m Super Long Power Cord
  • After aligning the cable line with connector and inserting it, they can be locked just by one twist.
  • Anti- Drop L-Shaped Screw Nut Power Plug

Super Thin Machine Body is More Agile 360° Guide Wheels Can Turn Freely

  • WS-1080 Super Thin Machine Body of 9.3cm The gap between security window and glass window is about 12CM
  • 360° Guide Wheels Smooth Operation Original guide wheel design smooth corners without stuck

Super Strong Drive Design Imported Brushless Motor LIECTROUX WS-1080 is newly equipped with zinc alloy transmission device, super strong drive design, imported brushless motor, strong power, strong suction, low noise, long service life, high rotation speed. And it also possesses 5.2m/s working speed which is 10%-20% faster than similar products so it can adapt to your faster pace of life.

Cleaning the Windows with Low Noise The noise during the whole cleaning operation of LIECTROUX WS-1080 is about 60db so it does not affect your life and you can enjoy its clean quality meanwhile.

Reinforced Machine Gears Make the Machine more Stable and Durable LIECTROUX WS-1080’s gearbox body and its internal components are mostly made of optimal metal materials which have good heat dissipation effect. The machine gear tracks adopt stiffened and non-slip belts which is more wear-resistant and with longer service life. The machine can work continuously for more than 400 hours.

Tracks of WS-1080 Window Cleaning Robot

  • Adopting track with high performance and special craft material.
  • More complicated processing technology, accurate transmission, high tensile strength, strong toughness, abrasion resistance and long service life.
  • After testing, the tracks of LIECTROUX WS-1080 can be used continuously for more than 400 hours normally, which is very durable.

Tracks of XXX Window Cleaning Robot

  • Mostly aren’t equipped with reinforced tracks.
  • Low tensile strength, easily get elongated and fracture due to environmental influences like temperature, use time etc, which will easily affect the normal operation of the machine.
  • After continuous use for several hours or tens of hours, will appear phenomenon of softening and elongation, which leads to problems like program misjudgment that caused by machine jumping, slipping and crawling track.

Famous Brand Lithium-ion Battery & Battery Control Chip Safety Protection after Power Failure LIECTROUX WS-1080 window cleaning robot needs to be powered on the whole time while using it and it has built-in famous brand Lithium-ion battery & battery control chip. After the power is off, it can be statically adsorbed on the glass for 30 minutes to prevent falling. Please remove the window cleaning robot in time after the power is off.

  • Famous Brand Battery Control chip
  • Famous Brand Lithium-ion Battery
  • Safety Protection after Power Failure

Product Configuration List

  • Main Unit
  • Sucker
  • Power Cable
  • Empty Bottle
  • Remote Control
  • Adaptor
  • Safety Rope
  • Extension Line
  • Mop


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