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Ultraviolet Mosquito Killing Lamp

Bionic Technology Scientific combination of upgraded UV lamp beads and built-in heat sink Simulating human skin signs to lure mosquitoes

  • Simulating human body temperature
  • Human skin temperature

New Upgraded UV LED Light Source
-Wave band stability upgrade
-Longer service life
-Improve mosquito attraction rate

365nm A kind of light wave which is harmless to human body but has strong attraction to the short hairs on the antennae of mosquitoes, and the experiment shows that only this kind of wave length conforms to the photo taxis response curve of mosquitoes

All light source mosquito trap Three edge lamp holder,transparent refractive ring design,full angle and no dead angle coverage

Intelligent light sensing system Aiming at the biological habits of mosquitoes in the daytime and at night, the intelligent photosensitive
system is carefully calibrated. At night, mosquitoes appear and the mosquito killing lamp turns on automatically

Physical Mosquito Control No harmful chemicals, no harm to infants and pregnant women

Mobile mosquito killing machine Portable USB design Support the power supply of rechargeable battery, notebook, yard, camping, and rooftop to kill mosquitoes at will