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You can also use the smart pen on the matched writing board
-Portable, one key to erase.
-The matched writing board can be used up to 50,000 times.
-It also supports all of the above features.

Smart Writing Package To think and ink

  • Automatic synchronous handwriting
  • Video playback
  • Handwriting recognition

– Workplace elite

  • Work record
  • Brain chart
  • Flow chart
  • Schedule list

-Design art

  • Design manuscript
  • Painting Creation
  • Life Hand Account


  • Simple-Line Drawing
  • Calligraphy
  • Family Records

Real-time synchronization of notes Data permanent storage

  • Super light triangle cone design,comfortable grip
  • 8 hours of continuous writing without interruption
  • 800 pages offline writing notes which will never be lost.

Intelligent handwriting recognition Making records more efficient

  • One click to share inspiration
  • Recording and notes synchronized playback, Recording details
  • Multi view with mobile phone / flat pc Support iOS / Android

180° writing Precise thread-bound technology

  • 100g glazed printing paper Write smoothly and eye protecting.
  • A5 notebook is easy to carry and durable.
  • Round and neat paper corners to avoid scratching.

Products list
Smartpen, Smart Notebook, Refill (3), Matched Writing Tablet,Micro USB Cable, Quick Start Guide

Accurate notes searching.Orderly information classification
-Keyword search, without searching page by page, being easily found.
-Note List labels are classified, and file management is in good order.
-Support note /Pad multi device notes synchronization, check at any time.

Portable records.Schedule checking at any time
-Writing at anytime and anywhere without computer
-Effective planning weekly work, reasonable arrangement of itinerary.
-Multi sizes / colors optional, changing with your mood.

More writing possibilities,style on your preference.
– Record your creation,
– Creat your love,
– Cherish your favor, Less