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16% off NITECORE MH12 V2 1200LM Classic Direct Charge Almighty Small Straight Flashlight Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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MH12 V2 Classic Direct Charge Almighty Small Straight Flashlight

Firepower upgrade 1200 lumens
Using CREE XP-L2 V6 LED,the service life is up to 50000 hours The optical system manufactured by crystal bright electroplating technology combined with PDOT digital precision technology bursts out 1200 lumens of strong light, the light intensity can reach 10200 candela, and 202 meters precise long-range shot. Meet the needs of daily emergency,self-defense, outdoor activities, industrial inspection,duty patrol and other scenarios

Support USB-C direct charge,efficient and convenient
Three-proof design of protective cover for charging interface Can be effectively waterproof, dustproof and protected against external impact damage

Tail diameter: 27.2mm
Barrel diameter: 25,4mm
Head diameter. 25.4mm
Weight: 84.5g

Small straight size, one hand control
Compact and simple appearance, palm size, with detailed anti-skid knurling, easy to control with one hand

Use 21700 large-capacity lithium battery of equivalent volume and greatly improved performance
The 21700 battery has high energy density, good safety, and long cycle life. It is widely used to power electric vehicles and is a wind vane for cylindrical batteries. A variety of conventional 21700 lighting products and other equipment for long-term attack

One standard 5000mAh large capacity lithium battery (NL2150)
MH 12 V2 is powered by a 21700 lithium battery, which is compatible with 18650 battery, CRI 23 battery and RCRI 23 battery

1500 hours endurance
60 days of continuous use without stopping

Metal side button design, excellent operating experience
The metal buttons have the characteristics of fine texture, solid and durable, which makes the operation handy, even if wearing gloves

  • Tactical mode: designed for personal defense and execution of missions
  • Daily mode: designed for daily use
  • Two personalized usage modes

*The factory default is daily mode

Flexible switching mode
1. In the closed state, press and hold the shift button to hold it, and press the tail switch at the same time.
2. After about 5 seconds, when the blue indicator light on the shift button flashes quickly, release the shift button.
3. The indicator will flash to remind the user the current mode One flash indicates that it has entered the “daily mode’; two flashes indicates that it has entered the “tactical mode’.
4. After the prompt is over, the flashlight turns on immediately.

Multi-tactical ring card slot design, compatible upgrade
Can be used with the NTRIO tactical ring, users can adjust the position of the tactical ring according to the size of the palm, increase operational flexibility, quick and convenient, quicker one step

Random frequency conversion flash function
In the open state, long press the shift key to open the flashing function. The blinking frequency changes randomly, and the pupils of
the human eye cannot adapt to the frequency following contraction,

Standard NTHIO flashlight quick pull sleeve
Designed specifically for duty, compact size, light and flexible, can quickly pull out the flashlight

Standard detachable holding clip, rich carrying methods
Can be attached to a trouser pocket, backpack or MOLLE system, with a variety of ways to carry; use with a hand strap to free your hands anytime, anywhere

Meet multiple lighting needs

  • Daily emergency
  • Self-defense
  • Industrial inspection
  • Outdoor activities
  • Duty patrol

Gear memory function
Provide intelligent gear memory function, after turning off, you can return to the previous gear using one key to turn on, and quickly enter the desired lighting mode (except SOS and beacon)

ATR temperature control module
MHI 2 V2 has a built-in ATR temperature control module, which can automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working state of the flashlight and the external temperature to ensure the stable operation of the flashlight for a long time

Battery prompt function
The built-in power indicator on the side button can display the remaining battery power

In the closed state, first press and hdd the shift button, then press the tail switch, and then release it at the same time within 5 seconds. The battery indicator on the shift bottom will report the battery voltage in a blinking manner (accurate to , The flashlight tums on immediately after the indicator light ends

Using high efficiency constant current circuit (non-PWM)
Constant brightness without flicker, bringing a comfortable visual experience

IP68 protection grade

  • Two meters underwater
  • 1 meter drop resistance