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36% off Nitecore P12 Max 1200lm 238m Long Distance 14200cd Instant Flash Tactical Flashlight Adjustable Brightness CREE XP-L HD V6 LED – Black Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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ADOPT 21700 LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY The 21700 battery has a high energy density, good safety and long cycle life. It is widely used to supply electric vehicles and is the vane of cylindrical batteries.

Optional NL2140 (4000mAh) battery, NL2145 (4500mAh) battery or NL2150 (5000mAh) battery

The diameter of the tail is 27.2mm. When installing the clamp, remove the tail cover and waterproof ring for installation.

COMPATIBLE BATTERY TYPE Powered by 21700 large-capacity battery, compatible with 18650 battery, CR123 battery and RCR123 battery

1200H LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE 50 days of continuous use in energy-saving mode

1200LM TACTICAL GLARE, CALMLY FACING THE DARK With LED, the service life is up to 50,000 hours, the light intensity can reach 14200cd, and the precision is 238 meters. Strong brightness, satisfying search, patrol, law enforcement, tactics and other environments.

RAPID RESPONSE Touch tactics to light up, fully press on/off the flashlight, tailored for tactical response

  • Side button switch to quickly switch between different modes

Daily mode Designed for everyday use

Tactical mode Designed for personal defense and execution tasks

FLEXIBLE SWITCHING MODE Daily mode & tactical mode

1. In the off state, press and hold the shift button to keep it pressed, and press the tail switch at the same time.
2. After about 5 seconds, when the blue indicator light on the shift button flashes quickly, release the shift button.
3. The Indicator light will prompt the user to the current mode in flashing mode: flashing once indicates that the “daily mode”has been entered, and flashing twice indicates that the “tactical mode” has been entered.
4. When the prompt is over, the flashlight will turn on.

RANDOM FREQUENCY FLASH FUNCTION In the on state, long-press the shift button to turn on the random flash. The flicker frequency changes randomly, and the pupil of the human eye cannot follow the contraction of the proper frequency, which effectively enhances the instant vertigo effect. Frequency conversion range: 16Hz-20Hz

MEMORY FUNCTION Provide intelligent gear memory function, turn off and one button to return to the previous gear position, quickly enter the desired lighting mode (except SOS and beacon)

BATTERY REMINDER FUNCTION The side button has a built-in battery indicator that shows the remaining battery power.

HIGH EFFICIENCY CONSTANT CURRENT CIRCUIT Constant brightness and no flicker for a comfortable viewing experience.

PDOT DIGITAL ACCURACY TECHNOLOGY The manufactured optical system is equipped with a crystal-plated light cup with uniform light.

ATR TEMPERATURE CONTROL MODULE Built-in ATR temperature control module, can automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working condition of the flashlight and the external temperature to ensure that the hand power can work stably for a long time.

COMPACT STRUCTURE Compact design, palm-sized, with a non-slip knurling for easy one-handed control


  • Attack tooth design Meet the needs of freehand defense
  • Metal side button Fine texture, solid and durable
  • DCP clip Convenient to hide in your pocket

NTH10 FLASHLIGHT QUICK PULL SLEEVE Designed for duty, compact size, light and flexible, quickly take out of the flashlight

IPX8 PROTECTION LEVEL ( 2 METERS UNDERWATER) 1 meter anti-drop ability, suitable for all-weather u Less