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Strong brightness, burst through the darkness
Using 9 CREE XP-L HD V6 LEDs, the service life is up to 50,000 hours,the light intensity can reach 18,000 candelas, 268 meters precise long-range shooting, and strong brightness.

All-weather strong light suppression, instant trigger
9500 lumens tactical light, combined with the “one-key light suppression” function key optimized for tactical applications, whether you are in the day or night, you can instantly suppress with one key, interfere with the enemy, and complete the task well.

Built by CNC integrated molding technology,excellent heat dissipation
TM9K is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material. The surface is processed by military-standard three-level hard oxidation treatment technology and CNC integrated molding technology to achieve a solid and reliable engineering structure.It has the characteristics of light weight, firmness, and good heat dissipation performance.

Built-in 21700 5000mAh powerful battery, full of power 30 lumens energy saving, battery life up to 60 hours

  • USB Type-C port efficient fast charging
  • 1 hour and 45 minutes can be fully charged with about 80% power

Tail tactical double switch,tailored for tactical response
Forward tactical switch: fast tactical light and always light One key strong light suppression key: Quickly switch between different gears/turn on instant flash

  • Forward Tactical Switch
  • One-key light suppression key

Stainless steel tactical attack gear design Meet the needs of self-defense and night fighting

Quickly switch five levels of brightness/a special function
It adopts humanized user interface, which is simple and convenient to operate, and has the effect of instant response.

  • 9500 lumens Extremely bright gear
  • 1900 lumens High bright gear
  • 460 lumens Medium bright gear
  • 130 lumens Low bright gear
  • 30 lumens Energy saving gear
  • Flash

Anti-mistouch lock function
After the TM9K lock function is turned on, the switch is locked to effectively prevent false triggering. TM9K can be arbitrarily put into trouser pockets, backpacks, suitcases, etc. for transportation and storage.

Gear memory function
Provides a smart gear memory function, after turning it off,you can return to the previous gear and quickly enter the desired lighting mode.

Battery reminder function
The power indicator at the rear shows the remaining battery power.In the on state, press and hold the shift button and press the switch button at the same time and let go, the flashlight will flash once and then turn off to remind the user to enter the locked state. After the prompt is over, the indicator light will flash the battery voltage (accurate to +0.16).

Temperature control protection function
TM9K has a temperature control protection function,which can adjust the output in real time according to the temperature of the barrel and optimize the working status of the flashlight.

Use high efficiency constant current circuit (non-PWM)
Brightness is constant without flicker, bringing a comfortable visual experience.

IP68 protection level
2m underwater, 1m drop resistance,suitable for all-weather use Less

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