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Ovevo Q65 HiFi TWS bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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OVEVO To be sound quality it is more comfortable Automatic power on connection Q65 Dual Wireless Bluetooth

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  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • Touch control
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Lossless noise reduction
  • HIFI sound quality
  • Binaural HD call
  • Play music 18 hours
  • In-ear comfort
  • Automatic pairing

Bluetooth version 5.0 One second, continuous line Adopt Bluetooth 5.0 chip + antenna FPC top design, strong signal, How to use it will not be stuck, double power saving and low power consumption, the rate is more than 2 times.

Touch type cool breathing light Headphones “Remove and connect” automatically connect When you pick up from the charging box, you can automatically connect to Bluetooth and automatically disconnect from the charging box.And shut down and charge, everything is just to make the music easier.

Shock your ears Say goodbye to “digital taste” to restore true sound Using bio-fiber diaphragm dynamic ring speaker, the chip supports Japanese hi-res certification, clear Tri-band high resolution enhances the sense of depth, presence and space of the sound

Binaural HD call As clear as face to face The same is the ears, Q65 call brings the true sound!

Comfortable tilting into the ear Bring me, I can’t beat me. The slanted ear design of the auricle is matched with a soft, skin-friendly silicone material to make it fit naturally. Even if you exercise vigorously, such as running fitness, you can wear it comfortably.

  • Triangular relief structure
  • Comfortable auricle fit

Large capacity low power consumption 18 hours of listening to music time With the charging compartment, the music playback time is about 6 hours, and the talk time is about 18 hours. Standby time is up to 200 hours, smart sleep, long standby.

Tri-band high resolution Every note is clear and pure Using bio-fiber diaphragm dynamic ring speaker, the chip supports Japanese hi-res certification, clear Presents every detail of the audio, bringing the beauty of the stereo sound,

IPX7 professional waterproof Running fitness, no fear of sweat/rain iPX7 professional waterproof, not afraid of rain erosion, can be directly cleaned / short-term resistance to water, With you to do almost anything in life, without fear of all challenges.

One-touch operation Summon siri voice smart call Smart touch technology, one-button control, listening to music, switching tracks, adjusting volume pause/play The up and down songs can be directly touched, giving you an unparalleled control experience.

Intelligent noise reduction to eliminate interference, comfortable in-ear fit, closed sound chamber dissatisfied with “noise” quietly only left music, almost no outside noise.

Playing games, zero delay High configuration, take you to eat chicken tonight Bluetooth 5.0 configuration, will not affect the clarity of the game background sound, keep the picture The sound is synchronized and there is no delay, which enhances the sense of depth and presence of the sound.