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Mini Sandwich Machine Three minutes to enjoy food

  • Diverse Food Cooking
  • Curved Large Capacity Liner
  • Vertical Design To Easy

Diverse Ingredients Cooking Pinlo Sandwich Machine is specially designed for baking a variety of ingredients, not only to make sandwiches, but also can cook the ingredients needed for sandwiches separately.Very convenient cooking machine

Original Curved Liner Pinlo Sandwich Machine’s original curved liner provides ample filling space for the sandwich machine, ready to DIY your own material-rich cuisine.

Hot-Pressed Edge Design Due to its unique curved inner liner, Pinlo Sandwich Machine has a hot-pressed edge design: when the baking tray is put together, the sides of the bread used for wrapping will be sealed by hot pressing to prevent the inner filling from leaking out.

Food Contactable Non Stick Coating The inner surface of the Pinlo Sandwich Machine is coated with a non-stick coating that can be touched by food to prevent all kinds of ingredients from sticking the pan. The ingredients can be directly baked on the baking tray,and the cleaning is easy.

Just 3 Minutes To Enjoy The Food It takes only 3 minutes for the Pinlo Sandwich Machine to complete the cooking. All ingredients can be heated evenly under high temperature cooking in a confined space

  • Bell pepper/ 4min
  • Tomato / 2min
  • Corn / 5min
  • Egg/2min
  • Shrimp / 3min
  • Meat/2min
  • Steamed bun/ 8min
  • Frozen dumplings/ 4min

Work Indicator Light Design The body of the Pinlo Sandwich Machine has a work indicator light: when the fuselage is warming up,the work light will be on; when the temperature exceeds 180 °C, the work light goes out and stops heating until the temperature

High-Grade Heat Resistant Material Pinlo Sandwich Machine’s body is made of high-grade heat-resistant resin material and is made of die-cast metal material.The two materials are combined to make it safer.

420W Low Power Rated power is 420W, lower power can not only save electricity, but also reduce the working temperature of the machine to the highest 180 °C

Three-Dimensional Storage Design The Pinlo Sandwich Machine has a simple shape and weighs about 1.1kg. It has a three-dimensional structure and can be easily stored. Less