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SCISHARE S1102 Smart Capsule Coffee Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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13% off SCISHARE S1102 Smart Capsule Coffee Machine 1600W 220V-240V Mijia APP Control Instant Water Dispenser-AU Plug Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Smart capsule coffee machine Wifi version
It is not only a coffee machine but also a water dispenser

  • Two coffee modes
  • independent hot water function
  • adjustable cup quantity
  • temperature
  • One key American style Quick coffee
  • Double pipeline design Coffee/hot water doesn’t smell bad
  • Access the mobile APP A variety of cup temperatures are available

Not just a coffee machine It is also an instant water dispenser In the internal waterway design of the machine, hot water and coffee extraction are independently distinguished, and when coffee is not made, hot water can be produced independently to soak a cup of tea to meet different needs of daily life.

Access Mijia APP Customize your coffee taste buds Through the Mijia APP connection, you can freely choose the coffee concentration extraction of different gears and the choice of temperature and cup quantity, and customize the personal taste of memory

Two coffee modes The coffee machine has two coffee modes, concentrated and American. It can adjust the temperature and cup quantity through APP, and mix with milk to create a variety of fancy coffee.

Detail design

  • One-button knob Fast switching between coffee and hot water
  • Adjustable cup holder Meet a variety of cup heights
  • 620ml independent water tank Easy to clean and detachable