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18% off Showsee X-3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush IPX7 Waterproof Toothbrush 6 Modes Adjustable USB Rechargeable Timer Brush with 4 Replacement Brushes Heads Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Your teeth are breaking Maybe your teeth are silently enduring the disadvantages of manual toothbrushes

High frequency sonic motor The vibration frequency is 42,000 times/min. The high-frequency vibration makes the liquid in the toothpaste flow. Tens of thousands of tiny bubbles generate very large pressure around it, destroying incompatible dirt.

Exciting 42000 times/min high frequency vibration

Three major tooth cleaning technologies

Comprehensive protection of dental health

NO.1 42000 times/high frequency vibration
NO.2 6MM large swing
NO.3 Fully imported DuPont brush head

6 net tooth modes 6 kinds of customization to enjoy free intelligent switching

Novice mode: 28000 times/minute sonic vibration, suitable for sensitive persons, first-time users
Gentle mode: 30000 times/min sonic vibration can brush off residual foam on teeth, suitable for second brushing
Cleaning mode: 33000 times/min sonic vibration drives the fluid flow in the oral cavity and rapidly reduces the growth of oral bacteria
Bright white mode: 36000 times per minute of sound wave vibration, can clean dental plaque, tartar, tartar, etc. on the teeth
Polishing mode: 42000 times/min sonic vibration, through high-frequency sonic vibration, polish the surface of the tooth to make it bright and smooth
Massage mode: 280000-36000 times/min sonic vibration, through sonic frequency conversion vibration

30 second pause to remind you to change the brushing position The oral cavity is divided into 4 areas for balanced cleaning. The motor stops vibrating for 1.5s every 30s, and there is sufficient time to replace the brushing area to ensure that the oral cavity is cleaned without leaving dead corner

2 min Brush your teeth scientifically Witness healthy oral cavity for 2 minutes each morning and evening. Wake up in the morning, Fresh breath

Reduce gum bleeding Protect your dental health
No manual Brush your teeth easily
Show off white teeth Restore teeth whitening
Fresh breath Stick to daily use

  1. 42000 times/minute High frequency sound wave vibration
  2. 6MM vibration swing How to brush your teeth recommended by a dentist
  3. Fully imported DuPont brush head Ensure that the entrance is safe and harmless

60 DAY Steady standby, go out and carry with ease After a full charge, it can provide daily 2 minutes each in the morning and evening 60-day brushing cycle

Compatible with mobile phone charger USB port for charging and any charger Convenient charging, high-speed efficiency, saving time Less

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