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50% off SOOCAS X5 Smart Upgrade Whitening Electric Toothbrush Sonic Ultrasonic Vibration 12 Brushing Mode Oral Teeth Hygiene Wireless Sensor Charging – Blue Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Upgrade magnetic suspension motor
  • 3 kinds of brush heads
  • 12-speed one-touch switch
  • Intelligent overvoltage protection
  • NFC smart chip
  • Bluetooth connection APP

Xiaomi SOOCAS X5 Best Price DEALS

Give Your Oral a SPA, Enjoy White Teeth The key to a good toothbrush is to penetrate the mouth and still maintain a stable vibration frequency and swing, evenly whitening the teeth

  • 37200 times / min high frequency vibration
  • 18.5 degree wide angle swing

Stable Whitening Power The magnetic levitation motor is upgraded, and the resistance is strong. The whitening power under working condition is durable and stable

From Sensitive to Polished Meet the Delicate Needs

  • 12 gear
  • 3 strengths
  • Adjustment mode, intensity
  • Cleaning mode
  • Sensitive mode
  • Novice mode
  • Polishing mode

When shutting down press the vertical button to switch modes

During standby press the vertical button to adjust the intensity

Just enough for Your White

  • • Intelligent Overvoltage Protection
  • • Intelligent pressure sensor chip, when the user is overpowered, the neck lamp ring of the toothbrush flashes, and the vibration frequency is changed to remind the user to carefully protect the teeth

Automatic Reminder to Replace the Brush Head The brush head can automatically calculate the number of uses, with 180 times (about 3 months), the handle light automatically flashes to remind the user to change the brush head

Brush the White Teeth Evenly Optimize 30-second Zone Reminder Each brush is full of 30 seconds, the vibration is weakened to remind the change zone, and then gradually reach the normal vibration, and guide the teeth evenly

IPX7 Waterproof Anti-corrosion and mildew, whole body washable, it can also be brushed when bathing

Stable Battery Life for 30 Days + Wireless Inductive Charging Calculated according to the use of 2 times a day, 2 minutes each time, charging and renewing the air for up to 30 days

Brushing Your Teeth is a Scientific and Interesting Thing Built-in high-precision sensor, intelligent analysis of brushing process from the angle, pressure, time and other aspects, forming data feedback on APP to help you brush your teeth scientifically Less

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