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44% off SOTHING Mini Automatic USB Touch Sensor Switch Water Pump Rechargable Home Water Pumping Device From Xiaomi Youpin Electric Water Dispenser – White Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Easy Installation
  • One Button Operate
  • Convenient To Take Water
  • Low Noise

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Built-In Recyclable High-Capacity Battery Design The five-layer composite touch sensor switch is very sensitive. With one-touch operation, the water can be released immediately, and it can be closed by touching it. It is very easy to operate.

Food Contact Grade Water Pipe Health And Safety Made of food grade silicone hose, healthy, safe, non-toxic, no odor, high transparency. Give you safe and convenient life style

No Water Stored, No Secondary Pollution The ordinary vertical water dispenser has a water storage tank, which is easy to cause pollution in the water tank. SOTHING USB Pump adopts the method of direct pumping water. The body does not have a water storage tank, only water is delivered to ensure the freshness and safety of the water source.

A Variety Of Bucket Sizes Are Available Suitable for a variety of buckets on the market, suitable for capacity: 4.51,5L, 7.5L, 10L, 11.3L, 15L, 18.9L. For different bucket calibers, the connector is compatible and can be easily installed and used.

10°Tilted Spout Design The spout adopts a 10°tilt angle design, and the water flow is naturally injected into the kettle placed on the ground. It is easy to pick up the water without holding the kettle by hand.

Automatically Close In 1 Minute Don’t Worry About Wasting It is automatically closed when pumping about 1.5L (The Capacity Of Mijia Electric Kettle), which avoids spillage caused by forgetting to turn off the water. It is very smart and convenient.

Strong And Powerful Water Pump Motor The motor uses a powerful magnet, plus three sets of independent electromagnet coils to deliver powerful thrust to the pump for quick pumping. It takes only 2 seconds to fill a glass of water, very fast

Built-In Recyclable High-Capacity Battery Design Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, USB interface can be quickly charged, 120 cans can be pumped every time (the capacity of each pot of water is 1.5L) Less