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VIOMI Handheld Wriless Vacuum Cleaner
23000Pa vacuum suction, easy to clean the whole house

  • Brushless DC Motor
  • 23000Pa Power Suction
  • Detachable Battery
  • Cyclone Separation Filter

Configuration with Imported Famous Brands

  • Brushless DC motor The core standard of high-end vacuum cleaners
  • Cyclone separation technology Suction lasts longer
  • 23000Pa vacuum suction It can suck large particles
  • Electric soft brush head It can be sewn deep to clean
  • Removable battery Charging and cleaning can be performed simultaneously
  • 4 brush head combinations Whole house cleaning in one machine

Good motor, High suction power, Strong filtration

Brushless DC motor The type of motor determines the suction power and service life, and is the key indicator to distinguish the vacuum cleaner. VIOMI uses a DC brushless motor, and its suction power can reach several times that of a brush motor vacuum cleaner.

  • 100000 rpm/min
  • brushless DC motor
  • 120AW suction power

23000Pa vacuum suction A good motor brings powerful power. The negative pressure at the suction port can reach 23000Pa and the suction power can reach 120AW. It can not only suck dust and hair, but also suck wet water garbage and large particle garbage, which is not easy to block.

  • Screws
  • nut shells
  • wet water and dust

Professional cyclone separation technology Professional vacuum cleaners pay more attention to filter structure design. Cyclone separation technology can separate “dust” and “gas” more thoroughly, avoid dust blocking the air duct, and the vacuum cleaner is more stable.

  • Low wind resistance
  • easy to clean

Built-in 5 filters Dust and gas are easy to separate and it is not easy to block

3 Clean Modes

  1. MAX Mode Large particles that can be swallowed into the blanket
  2. Standard Mode Daily mite removal, bed and bedding mites removal
  3. Energy Saving Mode Clean the car and clean the keyboard, its battery life is longer

Innovative removable battery Charging and storage can be performed at the same time Ordinary vacuum cleaners need to be hung on the wall for charging, and the storage position needs to be close to the power outlet to occupy the commonly used space. Yunmi handheld vacuum cleaner battery is detachable. When charging, the host can be concealed and

  • 55min long battery life
  • original battery

*Accessories like original batteries will be listed later

Start cleaning with one click, no need to press for a long time In the past, the vacuum cleaner mostly used a jog design, and the user’s index finger kept pressing the button to start the cleaning function. VIOMI handheld vacuum cleaner can continue to clean as long as the user presses once, making housework easier.

Add front LED light source A parallel LED light source is added in front of the brush head to illuminate the cleaning area, and dust can also be seen on the dimly lit bottom of the table, sofa, and bed.

Roller brush has its own motor It can clean the floor seam The soft velvet roller brush is driven by an independent motor, which has a stronger adsorption capacity for the ground fine dust. 7mm fluff can penetrate deep into the floor gap and the cleaning

1 + 4 flexible combination Whole house cleaning in one machine

  • Soft velvet direct drive roller brush Hard floor and short pile carpet cleaning
  • 2-in-1 brush Computer keyboard, ceiling and curtain
  • Long flat tip Sofa gaps, ceilings, chandeliers, curtains
  • Electric mite removal brush Clean textiles such as mattresses and sofas

One-click empty dust box The mouth of the barrel is aligned with the trash can. After lightly pressing the buckle of the dust barrel, the trash in the barrel naturally falls into the trash bin without touching the dust with both hands.


  • Power visualization Replace the battery timely
  • Wall-mounted storage It takes up less space
  • Wind comes from both sides Not blowing your hands
  • Lightweight design of 1.54kg Portable
  • Dust cylinder filter can be removed and washed No dust remains in the machine