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VIOMI MR112R-E 1sec Heating Water Purifier X3 Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Excellent Version]

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18% off VIOMI MR112R-E 1sec Heating Water Purifier X3 (Excellent Version) UV Sterilization Hot Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Automatic Water From XIAOMI Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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VIOMI 1sec Heating Water Purifier X3

Excellent Version 2 In 1 Purification And Heating

  • Purified Water and Isec Heating
  • Nano-level Reverse Osmosis Filtration
  • UV Sterilization
  • Easy to Change Filter

(This product is for countertop installation)

  • 4+1 Level Deep filtration
  • Temperature Optional Precision temperature adjustment
  • Continuous Water Intake Filtration and heating simultaneously
  • APP Smart Function Remote operation

5-level Deep Filtration + UV Strong Sterilization Effectively remove scale, bacteria, heavy metals VIOMI 1sec Heating Water Purifier X3 uses RO reverse osmosis technology, 4-stage filtration system layer cleaning, with UV disinfection system, 5-level deep filtration, and long-lasting sterilization

  • Folded PP Cotton Effectively removes visible impurities from sediment and water
  • Pre-activated Carbon Adsorption of residual chlorine and organic matter in water
  • RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane Remove heavy metals, microorganisms, bacteria, etc.
  • Rear Activated Carbon Improve the taste
  • UV Sterilization Cold cathode germicidal lamp Long life of 60,000 hours Long-lasting sterilization, no need to replace

Innovative 3-in-1 Filter VIOMI has designed innovative filter elements, especially integrating front activated carbon, PP cotton and rear activated carbon. One filter has many uses, which can effectively filter and save the cost of replacing the filter.

RO Reverse Osmosis Filter Multi-page membrane technology is more thoroughly purified Filtration accuracy of one ten thousandth of a micron (0.0001um)

Fresh Hot Water Only Need 1sec Drinking water without waiting When the water is taken, it is heated. Say goodbye to dry boiling water (dry boiling water is easy to produce harmful nitrite). VIOMI 1sec Heating Water Purifier X3 adopts thick film instant heating technology, nano heating material and silk screen temperature sensing NTC, achieving 360° ring The package is heated, the heating efficiency is high, it can be heated in 1 second, and there is no need to wait when taking water.

  • Nano Heated material
  • 360° Ring Surround
  • Thick film Instant heating technology

Precise Temperature Control X3 realizes the range that can be adjusted by water temperature 1 °C through precise temperature control technology. It can also be set by APP, and the temperature of hot water can be adjusted freely.

Direct Filtration Of Tap Water Install Once Without Cleaning All The Time In order to save the trouble of cleaning, the design of the one-piece direct drinking type is specially adopted. After installation, the tap water filter can be used for drinking. There is no need for artificial water addition, nor regular cleaning, and it is convenient and healthy.

Touch Panel Multi-function To Use Highly sensitive touch panel, commonly used water temperature in 3 gear: normal temperature, warm water, fresh boiling water, all with one button to effluent. Intelligent child lock function, avoiding operational errors and safe use

  • Normal temperature
  • Warm water
  • Fresh boiled water

Muti-size Cup Quantitative Effluent When taking water, in order to enhance the user experience, the water volume selection of 2nd gear is specially added. 250mL can be used for brewing coffee, 350mL meets the daily water demand, and the capacity of the large and small cups can be personalized according to the APP.

Swirling Heating Waterway The swirling system has a longer heating water path, which can fully absorb the heat generated by the thick film material, heating up faster and saving energy.

Say goodbye to the hidden danger of water leakage Third generation integrated waterway, performance upgrade. VIOMI’s third-generation waterway reduces the number of connectors and integrates the development experience of the previous two generations, continuously innovating, greatly reducing the risk of water leakage.

A new generation of self-replacement filter technology Replacement is more convenient, saving the cost of changing the filter VIOMI has been innovatively designed to achieve autonomous replacement of the filter element

Mobile APP Remote Control Water quality, filter check at any time The filter element is the core of the water purifier. The X# is equipped with a smart filter life monitoring system. Users can monitor the water quality information and the life of the filter element in real time through the mobile APP. Healthy drinking water

  • Vacuum packaging Prevent secondary pollution
  • Smart status light bar Machine status intelligent display Normal work is blue light The water quality exceeds the standard is orange light
  • Detachable water tank Easy to clean with detachable technology