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VIOMI Travel Electric Water Heater

  • Double-Layer Vacuum Insulation
  • Mini Portable
  • Two-Stage Hot Drink Mode
  • 320ml Capacity

2 In 1 Boiling Water And Insulation Two cups and kettles in one, a good helper for travel

Double-Layer Vacuum Insulation Keep warm for 5 hours after power off

Mini Portable Vacuum cup size, lightweight and portable

Rapid Boiling Can boil in about 7-8 minutes

304 Stainless Steel Liner Food contact materials, health and safety

Hermetically Sealed Fill your backpack with water and it won’t leak

Small Size And Portable
Small size, can be carried in backpacks and suitcases, very portable

Ultra-Light Measuring Cup Body
The cup only weighs about 400g and can be carried around

Double-Layer Vacuum Insulation Anti-scalding and constant temperature
The inner and outer layers are made of 304 stainless steel,with a vacuum insulation layer in the middle, which can provide good heat insulation and enhance heat insulation performance. Can be maintained at 50°C after 5 hours of power failure

  • 5h thermal insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • 12h insulation

Quick Boiling With One Click
It only takes 3 minutes to boil the water to 55 °C, and it takes only 7-8 minutes to boil a full glass of water. There are two options for boiling water and 55 °C water.

  • One Click Turn on boiling water mode
  • Double click Turn on 55°C water mode

Highly Sensitive Temperature Sensor Accurate temperature control, automatic safety power-off protection Built-in high sensitivity temperature sensor for precise temperature control.When water boiling is detected, the power will be cut off immediately when the temperature of the boiling water is too high when the cover is closed or it is dry burning. It is very safe to use

  • Cover high temperature Power failure protection
  • Anti-dry burning Power failure protection
  • Boiled Power failure protection

304 Stainless Steel Liner Health and safety without odor

300W Low Power Consumption
Low power, can also be used where voltage is limited

360°Leak-Proof Design
The cup body is made of high-quality materials, with an integrated seamless design and strong sealing. The cup lid has a leak-proof silicone built-in, which can be put into the suitcase or backpack after filling.

Product Details

  • Touch Switch Convenient operation
  • Frosted Cup Body Comfortable grip