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Xiaomi VIOMI VBH122 Smart Broken Food Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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48% off VIOMI VBH122 Smart Professional Food Crush Mahchine APP Control 1000W Food Low Noice Fruit Juicer Soymilk Machine Cooking Machine From XIAOMI Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Xiaomi VIOMI VBH122 Smart Broken Food Machine Best Price DEALS

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1000W High Horsepower Motor The wall breaking machine can achieve fine wall breaking. Driven by 1000W large torque motor, after repeated crushing with stainless steel saw blade, the food is fine and free of residue.

  • Large torque motor
  • Repeated grinding
  • No residue

Multiple Wall Breaking Modes There are 8 common modes and 4 available modes: borscht soup, woollen porridge, sesame paste, and heat preservation, which can be selected by APP and replaced by common mode.

High Borosilicate Glass High borosilicate glasses don’t break when suddenly cold or suddenly hot. They are firm and wear-resistant and easy to clean.

  • Strong
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Lock hot

Intelligent Appointment Function The breaking mode and booking time can be adjusted directly on the device or can be booked remotely through the mobile APP.

The silent version of the food crush machine has lower noise than the same type of food crush machine, and the running noise of the whole machine is lower than 48dB.

  • Hot & Cold
  • Smart Pre-work
  • Food Smooth

Easy Operation Muti-use

High Power Motor 4 Grade Noise Reduction

Exquisite food crush and the fine texture of the food without residue XIAOMI VIMIO Professional Food Cursh Machine can achieve fine food crush, driven by a 1000W high-torque motor, after repeated crushing by stainless steel serrated blades, the food is smooth and residue-free.

  • Large Torque Motor
  • Repeated Grinding
  • Fine Texture And Without Residue